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*Epilepsy Testimonials- (NEW!!!)  Here are some of your letters that state how the diet has helped your epileptic pet...or you. Yes, people are responding as well.

Epilepsy Testimonials
 (NEW!!!) Here are some of your letters that state how the diet has helped your epileptic pet...or you. Yes, people are responding as well. I will be adding more to this page as time allows. Last year, I started a thread on a Labrador retriever forum that I have been using to stockpile testimonials. It can be found here: 
For now, let's start with the "worst of the worst":
Testimonial #1  "The worst of the worst":
Here is a series of Emails from a veterinarian that received my epilepsy paper just days before his "worst of the worst" case was to be put to sleep. This doctor is now an outspoken "disciple" of this concept, having contacted the IVD dog food people before I even had a chance to. Wow! 

1) Dr. John : Thank you so much for the information regarding the role diet plays in epilepsy. Although I have been in practice since 1964 this is the first information regarding this approach. I have another case that is having multiple seizures even on phenobarb, KBr, and Valium. The client is considering euthanasia so I am going to put this dog on Duck/Potato and see how that helps. My question is how long before a change in diet should procure results so I can properly advise this client? Again thank you for your information.  Dr. S.

2) DogtorJ: Thank you for the article. Subsequent to your information I placed a dog that has been having cluster seizures every 12 hours even though being treated by the College of Veterinary Medicine here at the University of Florida in Gainesville with phenobarb, dilantin, KBr, and valium on the duck/potato diet you recommended. I talked with the owner today and the dog has not had any further seizures since starting the diet which has now been four (4) days.. Understand the client is still giving all the other meds but since he was considering euthanasia he is thrilled that there has been a cessation of the seizures. This is a really good test case since this dog has been seizing for the past several years and has gotten progressively worse. I am very excited about what you have documented as I have certainly had my share of seizing dogs over the years and although most have infrequent episodes there are those like this dog that just get worse regardless of treatment. I will keep you advised as I plan to incorporate this protocol in my seizure patients.  Dr. S.

3) Dr. J: Please do not be discouraged by the academic community's response to new ideas. They do have to be careful in what they endorse as ideas because of the academic societal standards they must adhere to in order to be considered viable. So far Mr. H's dog "Luther" has not had another seizure as far as I know. He promised to let me know immediately if Luther seizured again. I am very impressed with your information and have shared it with other practitioners in this area. They are waiting to see what happens with the H's dog. It turns out that Mrs. H. was involved with someone that had celiac disease that was controlled with diet so she had a good background for the information you provided. I just simply encourage you to continue what you are doing and not be too concerned with acceptance from the academic community. I do believe, however, that Dr. C. may become a valuable ally. Will keep you advised on the Henry case. Dr.S.

5) Dr. J: A quick update. The dog belonging to Jason N. was fed pizza Saturday and begin having cluster seizures Sunday night. Then Mr. H. called today and advised that "Luther" had his first seizure since December 18th. Mr. H. reported that the seizure was fairly mild and keep in mind that he is still giving phenobarb and KBr. He did tell me that he has to use deli beef to get "Luther" to take his medication. This amounts to about one thin slice daily. What is your opinion regarding this having a negative effect? So far these are the only two cases I have on duck/potato.  Dr.S.

6) Dr. J: Good report. The H's dog has been seizure- free for the last three months since he started giving the medications in the duck/potato can food (instead of the deli meat). The other dog, the Husky, that was brought in by the boy that is somehow related to you continued to have seizures and I believe he returned the dog to the breeder or original owner. (We believe that continued treats by the roommate was the problem here.) I have two other epileptic dogs on the duck/potato along with phenobarb that are doing well. Dr. S.


Yes, this dog was sensitive enough to have be having seizures on the deli meat that the pills were being given in. The meats are very high in glutamate and aspartate as the charts on this site show. This pet's seizures  resolved completely when canned duck and potato was used as the pill vehicle. The other dog had seizures from a single piece of pizza. But, this is what you expect from those that were headed for euthanasia, isn't it? Now, he's 5 months seizure-free. How cool is that?

Testimonial #2  "The post-menopausal disaster"
Here is L.'s first Email in Feb. 2003
For some reason when I started into menopause, I started having one nocturnal seizure per month.  It always happened between 12:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m.  They were gran mals.  Tests at Mayo Clinic showed my heart would stop during the episode and thus they placed a pacemaker as a precaution.  That was in the fall of 1999.  I still continued to have problems with seizures and with allergies to the medications for seizures.  It was strange  several times I had noticed these would happen after I had eaten ice cream prior to bedtime.  Everyone just laughed about it.  My mother told me that as an infant I had been allergic to milk.  I said what did you do about that?  She said gave you milk anyway because we did not know what else to do.

So--after reading your information..........I stopped eating dairy, all grains, corn, and soy.  So far so good.  I have not had a seizure since December 20.  I also have lost 8 pounds......yeah!!! 

Also I feel much more energy and am not nearly so depressed.  People say I look younger and am becoming my usual fun person. 

Thanks........................  ~L.
Here is L.'s second Email in April of 2003:
On February 18, 2003, I reported on my situation with nocturnal seizures.  This all seemingly showed up at the time of menopause.  Yet I wonder if it had been hiding in the corner most of my life!

As a baby my mother fed me cow's milk and said I was a mess with colic.  I asked her what they did to try to help.  Just fed you more milk and you would cry, and I would cry she said.  Then as a six year old or so, I recall going to my grandmother's house for those Sunday dinners we all loved.  She always had mashed potatoes, I am from (the US) so have to add that e on potato)--and I would stuff myself with noodles.  On the way home in the late afternoon, the sun would be so bright in my eyes and I would get those "half headaches."  I presume they were migraine.

As a teen, I loved those milkshakes and breaded tenderloins.  More headaches and let's stop along the cornfield and vomit episodes I recall all too well.

As a young adult, I remember waking in my sleep, sitting straight up, and saying-Hey, hey, hey!  My husband and three sons recall that deal to this day.  Also during that time I continued to have horrible migraines.  I wonder if this could have been a seizure disorder even then, or should I say a food allergy disorder.  I only wish I would have known then what I am learning now.

Then five years ago came the gran mals in the middle of the night.  Of course there were scans, meds, and -- the dreaded depression of dealing with the whole affair.   The seizures continued.  They were on a monthly cycle, between 12:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. and many times after I had eaten ice cream.

Enters--Dogtor J.  On January 12 of 2003, I changed my diet some would say weirdly.  For breakfast I ate a banana, apple, and raw cashews...
For lunch I ate Romaine lettuce, sliced pickled beets, kidney beans, onion and a poppy seed dressing.  Sometimes I add some boiled egg slices.
In the evening I ate a small amount of fish, etc., potato, and a veggie.
If I was still hungry and wanted a snack--I would eat raw cashews, fresh fruit, or raw veggie.

Guess what??????????????????   I have not had a gran mal since I took your suggestion and am following the above diet.  I have lost 10 pounds also.  No headaches, no depression, and you will notice no dairy or grain products.

We raise German Shepherds and I tell everyone I guess I am a "real dog."  Your diet works for me it seems at this point just like for puppies.  The last episode I had was December 20, 2002! 

I still take a low dosage of Keppra and take my Melaleuca vitamins each day.

This morning you would have been so proud!  At the Easter breakfast at church, everyone is snarfing down all the sweet rolls, muffins, and milk!  There I am munching on my raw cashews and bottled water.  At noon I ate some beef, fresh asparagus, and ate salad that I had prepared in my way as usual.  I really am not even tempted by the junk food now and it makes me so upset to see where our society is headed with their junk mania.  

What more can I say but-----THANKS!!!!            ~L.
Here is L.'s third Emails in May 2003
So far this lady is bulletproof!  I have not had even one episode since I started eating like someone called DogtorJ suggested.  Bow -Wow...  What more can I say?  I think some think I have gone on a radical diet.  I sat down and had a chat with myself and it went like this.

What would God say is weird to eat?  Would he say fresh apples, pears, vegetables, romaine lettuce, and all the other fresh food he created?  Or would he say Coke, chips, cookies, pie, cake, and candy are weird?  After pondering for a moment, I think maybe the world has really lost focus on their grocery shopping list of healthy diets.

Thus I have come to the conclusion that we have to search and research on our own.  Too many companies today are more interested in the bottom line than the health of our fellow man it might seem.

My last gran mal was on December 20, 2002, Christmas cookies, candy, and all.  Thank you so much for your help.  Please keep in touch.  We live near (the US).  Let us know if you ever are in this area.  You have saved my life!

Keep in touch!       ~L.

I hope you enjoyed your time here and got something important from your stay. It is my goal to help all of mankind navigate through the jungle of medical information now available on the Internet and find the truth about the origins of what we call "disease" as well as discover the natural solutions for these conditions.
We do have our health's destiny in our own hands more than we've ever imagined, certainly more than most have ever been told. Think naturally and the answer will come.
Dogtor J
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