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Twinkies- The "Magikal" Snack

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* Twinkies- The "Magikal" Snack- Here is a little "parable"for you. It is a forum post that I made and later sent to my "Friends of DogtorJ". This is what I like to call "level two"...the things unseen that become apparent once our eyes are open. I hope that your get something important from it.

Twinkies- The "Magikal" Snack
Dear Special Friends,
Here's a little post I made on an epilepsy forum a while back. We were talking about the fact that the root word of the word pharmacy was the Greek word pharmakeia, which means...magic. We also discussed the current medical symbol...the caduceus...which is the magic wand of Hermes (Mercury. Hmmm...). I also told them the history of the Rx symbol, the magical left eye of the Egyptian god Horus. Magic, magic, magic. Wow! (Things do come in three's. Others in 33's.) Check out the newest page on my site. A little "hidden manna" for my closest friends. :):):) ( )
Anyway, someone on the forum was volunteering that they wanted to try the diet but they thought it would be really hard to give up their favorite snack, which was the Twinkie. "Really?" Yep. And, believe it or not, there is something "magical" about a Twinkie.
John B. Symes, D.V.M. ("Dogtor J")
Read- "Food Intolerance- Man and Animals versus Gluten, Casein, Soy, and Corn OR How We Won the Battle of Helm's Deep"


Hi Jeanie,

I'm sorry about those tubular, yellow snack cakes being off limits. You know the ones...made of wheat, dairy, sugar and stuffed with hydrogenated oils. Remember when the truth about hydrogenated oils came out a number of years ago and all of the comedians got on the bandwagon, making jokes about them being so resistant to bugs and decay that we could put them in a time capsule and bury it for thousands of years so that the guys who dug it up would have something to eat? I still laugh at that but for some reason I get a pain in the pit of my stomach as I do. It might have something to do with this article. (

I was behind the truck of a very popular brand of cookie the other day and had a violent reaction that only I and a few of you reading the past few posts would possibly understand. On the back of the truck was a picture of the chocolate sandwich cookie (one of my old fav's) with the top coming off and stars flying out from the white center of the cookie. You know, "twinkly" little stars. The slogan under the picture was "Unlock the MAGIC!"

Now how many people that you know would get really angry at seeing that? First of all, what is the white stuff that the stars are coming from? Here's a clue. The other similar cookie at the grocery store next to these, made by a rival company, is called what....Hydrox. Hmmm... Where did they get that name from? (errrrh).

Right here, I would encourage ALL of you to go read that article about hydrogenated oils above. It is CRITICAL to your health ("in my opinion").

For those of you into "parables", who are the "stars" in Scripture (other than the physical stars that you see in the night time sky)? The answer is the angels. Roughly what percent are good and what percent are bad? Which ones do you think are tied to magic? Aren't stars often used to signify magic (as on the sorcerer's hat)?

So, why is it appropriate to have stars flying out of a cookie with white stuff in the middle and "magic" be in the slogan? Its not as much of a stretch as you thought at it? ("Man, you think waaaay too much!" )

(How about having them fly out of the neon mortar and pestle logo of a well-known drug store chain? Think the CEO knows why the designer used stars to represent the drugs coming out of the mortar (bowl)? How about the designer himself? ("Uh, seemed like a good idea at the time?" Perhaps.)
But, back to the "Twinkie". I wonder where they got that name? The closest thing I found in Webster's was "twinkle".


Main Entry:1twin*kle
Inflected Form:twin*kled ; twin*kling

1 : to shine or cause to shine with a flickering or sparkling light
2 : to appear bright with merriment
3 : to flutter or flit rapidly
–twin*kler noun

Hmmm...Whadyasay we pull one apart and see if stars come flying out of the white stuff.

John B. Symes, D.V.M. ("Dogtor J")
Read- "Food Intolerance- Man and Animals versus Gluten, Casein, Soy, and Corn OR How We Won the Battle of Helm's Deep"

I hope you enjoyed your time here and got something important from your stay. It is my goal to help all of mankind navigate through the jungle of medical information now available on the Internet and find the truth about the origins of what we call "disease" as well as discover the natural solutions for these conditions.
We do have our health's destiny in our own hands more than we've ever imagined, certainly more than most have ever been told. Think naturally and the answer will come.
Dogtor J
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