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Casomorphins and Gliadomorphins- The Food Opioids

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* Casomorphins and Gliadomorphins- The Food Opioids-  The following is an Email that I sent to the Friends of DogtorJ concerning these critically important derivatives from dairy and wheat. You will be shocked to see the role they play in our every day lives. And yet, most have never heard the terms.

Dear Friends,
I just received the two links below from a friend suffering from this exact issue. These morphine-like substances (casomorphins and gliadomorphins) that we derive from dairy and wheat, respectively, are critical to our understanding of the power of these two foods. They help to explain why 75% of the calories in the standard American diet (SAD) come from these wheat and dairy alone. Food addiction is a very real thing and these opiods play a huge role.
As noted in one of the articles, many autistic children are completely addicted to wheat and dairy, which is consistent with the idea that we become addicted to what will make us ill (cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and food ). There are no healthy addictions and food is no exception. If an individual feels like they cannot give up cheese or bread, then they are very likely to be having a problem with one of these foods. I counsel people like this all of the time and can use that dependency to help them see that those very foods are a major contributor to their IBS, arthritis, depression, or other typical signs associated with food intolerance. And withdrawal from these foods can lead to classic drug-withdrawal symptoms as the articles below point out.
These sedating compounds are also the single biggest contributing factor to post-meal drowsiness. I have proven this in my own life as I used to become extremely sleepy after meals starting in my late 30's. My wife was beginning to think I was a narcoleptic. I would literally pass out during our favorite TV show. I no longer exhibit this annoying and even dangerous symptom now that I am gluten and dairy-free. In fact, it has been stated that more people die from falling asleep at the wheel while driving than from alcohol-related accidents. What could be doing this? What could keep us from doing the most important thing (staying awake) while driving down the Interstate at 65-80 mph? Now you know. Throw alcohol into the mix and you have a tragic situation just waiting to happen.
We need to become very familiar with these two terms. I have yet to casually meet anyone who has heard them over the seven years following my first encounter with them in the literature...not a doctor nor a lay person. Amazing. And yet they play a vital role in the lives of the multitudes, contributing to food addiction, clinical depression, chronic fatigue, caffeine addiction, autism, highway deaths, and more.
Amaze your friends! Commit these to memory and talk about them at dinner parties. You'll be the focus of attention. :):):)
Here are the links:
I do hope this helps. Now, go have some nice, warm milk and get a good night's sleep. LOL (Talk about knowing something without really KNOWING it.)
John B. Symes, D.V.M. (aka "Dogtor J") *
* Read- "Food Intolerance- Man and Animals versus Gluten, Casein, Soy, and Corn OR How We Won the Battle of Helm's Deep"                               

I hope you enjoyed your time here and got something important from your stay. It is my goal to help all of mankind navigate through the jungle of medical information now available on the Internet and find the truth about the origins of what we call "disease" as well as discover the natural solutions for these conditions.
We do have our health's destiny in our own hands more than we've ever imagined, certainly more than most have ever been told. Think naturally and the answer will come.
Dogtor J
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