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* Appetizers (page 2) - Once again, in this section, I have decided to place a short summary of the most vital issues in human and veterinary health and how the principles put forth in the four major papers on this site apply to them. For those of you who read the opening welcome message, you know that this is a contradiction to my basic philosophy of how we obtain information. But, just as I used to think that people could give a cat 6 pills a day when I was first entering practice, I have been hoping that people would find the time to read these papers from start to finish in order to get the full impact of what they are saying. However, I am more of a realist now, especially after doing a fair amount of internet consultation. I now see from the questions being asked that most have not read the work and they really just want a "quick fix" for their dog's or their own personal medical problem.

Well, I'm going "halvsies" with you. I am going to list the most serious health problems one at a time, as I get to them, and try to get you interested enough to go back and read how it could be true that the food plays such a huge role in these conditions. These will be boney descriptions with a little meat on them to hopefully increase your appetite for more. Thus, the title of the section. Hopefully, they will stimulate your hunger for a full course meal.


 Today's Appetizers (cont'd):

(This area is under construction)


* Menopause (New!!!)     * Migraine Headaches

* Mononucleosis, E-B virus (New!!!)    * Multiple Sclerosis (New!!!)   

* Morgellons Disease (New!!!)    * Osteoporosis   

* Pain Management   * Parkinson's Disease    

* Post-partum Depression     * Sickle Cell Disease (really)

* Sleep (New and  Important!!!)   * Stuttering (New!!!)

* Menopause- Women's health has become one my areas of greatest concern. The statistics dealing with heart disease and immune-mediated diseases are incredibly frightening, especially in the last five years. A woman a minute dies of a heart attack in this country. In the most recent report, heart disease in women now takes more women than the next seven leading causes of death combined. Last year, the startling fact was that heart disease causes more death in women than all forms of cancer combined, including breast cancer. Yes, atherosclerosis has just passed cancer as the number one killer like it was standing still. How can this be?

First of all, if you haven't read the above section on atherosclerosis, then you need to. If you have, then you might want to read it again because the key to the readers understanding of why the opening remarks here are true lies in the fact that atherosclerosis is an inflammatory condition. Yes, there is inflammation taking place in the walls of the arteries, which leads to the weakening of the vessels of the heart. The hydrogenated oils we have been consuming let things into that artery's walls that shouldn't be there to start the process.

Why the review here? To set the reader up for a very important point and I will use heart disease to illustrate the point this time. The average age for men to have heart disease is in their 40's. The average for women is in their 60's, after menopause. Why would that be? The answer lies in the "magic" hormone of women...progesterone. This anti-inflammatory hormone is what makes the woman the "stronger sex". It is also what makes a pregnant woman "bullet-proof"...much more resistant to illness. (I had a woman tell me recently that she was very dairy intolerant, unless she was pregnant. Then she could drink all she wanted without problems. This is due to the fact that progesterone is the hormone that maintains the pregnancy and its anti-inflammatory effect was covering up her normal negative reactions to the dairy products.)

Let me explain something here. In feline medicine, before I realized that most skin problems were food-related, we treated everything with cortisone. And, when the cortisone stopped working, we had a back-up drug...progesterone. Yes, progesterone worked BETTER than cortisone to reduce skin inflammation. Do you see my point here? It is powerful stuff, AND it is covering up a "multitude of sins" in the woman while it is coursing through her veins prior to menopause or during pregnancy. It is MASKING symptoms and this is CRITICAL for the woman to realize.

So, back to the heart disease. NOW, tell me why women have atherosclerosis later than men and after menopause. Yes, the progesterone levels have been covering up the inflammation in the walls of the arteries all along. BUT, when menopause comes and takes it away, the condition hits hard and fast. THIS is why women do not survive heart attacks as well as men. They get them later in the course of the disease and later in life due to this hormonal "cover-up". It is like suddenly yanking an allergic dog off of his medication then watching him suffer within days from the allergic reactions it has been covering up.

This, my dear women friends, is the nature of menopause. When the progesterone levels drop, all of the inflammatory processes that have been trying to occur are unleashed. "Hot flashes" anyone? They also occur mostly at night when your own natural cortisone levels are also at their lowest for the day. You see? It does all make sense, doesn't it?

Now the reader can understand many of the statistics that they read about women's health. Immune-mediated diseases hit men earlier in their life, but they occur at a much higher rate in women overall while striking them later in life, usually after natural or "surgical" menopause. And as discussed, women do suffer from heart disease later in life than men but do not do as well once it becomes evident.

And what about those "hot flashes"? What could those be, anyway? Do they serve a purpose (like everything else our body does)? Remember: Our bodies do everything they do for a reason, whether it is to warn us of something we have done wrong or to help remedy a situation that has occurred. Allergic reactions, for example, do both. Fevers from viruses are therapeutic...they help isolate and kill the virus that is trying to invade our body. The inflammation from a sprained ankle results in pain and swelling, both of which occur to warn us of damage and to immobilize the part so that it will heal more quickly. Do we really do the right thing by taking anti-inflammatory drugs to artificially reduce the pain and swelling? I KNOW that we do the wrong thing by killing the fever caused by a virus. That is truly idiotic...isn't it???

So, what again are those hot flashes all about? We need a little more review before proceeding, I think. There is (or should be) a balance between the two primary hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Estrogens are stimulating and inflammatory. Just ask any women who experiences PMS about the first and any teenage girl experiencing breast tenderness during her cycles about the latter. Estrogens sensitize neurons to the action of glutamate, that neurostimulating amino acid I write so much about in my epilepsy and pain papers. This contributes greatly to the manifestation of PMS symptoms...a sort of acute (or acutely worse) ADHD-like syndrome resulting in irritability, irrational behavior, and other symptoms like pain and headaches. Estrogens are also inflammatory to the mammary glands and uterus, causing breast tenderness and menstrual cramp pain. So overall, I would put estrogen in a "negative" light for the sake of this discussion. (Of course, it is an absolutely necessary hormone and part of the grand scheme of things.)

Progesterone, on the other hand, is your hero. This hormone has the opposite attributes of being calming and anti-inflammatory. We have discussed its powerful cortisone-like effects. It balances and counteracts the effects of estrogen. The progesterone spike during the middle part of the estrus cycle is what terminates the inflammation in the uterus and breasts and also calms the person with PMS while changing the attitude of the female dog from one of rejecting the male to one of acceptance of his advances. I call it a "voice change"...progesterone changes the voice of the female dog from "No!!!" to "yes". How and why are very clear.

The estrogen is produced by the ovary under the guidance of the pituitary gland. This starts the cycle of preparing the female for breeding by creating inflammation in the uterus in order to cleanse it to get it ready for an embryo to implant. In the breast, estrogen prepares the tissue to start producing (clean, healthy) milk when the time comes. Then comes ovulation, which occurs about 10 days into the "heat" cycle of the dog. When this occurs, a structure known as the corpus luteum is created which in turn produces progesterone to maintain the pregnancy. This brings things back into balance.

So, how do things get so out of balance? Ahhhh. This is why I ...a writing this section. Remember how I keep saying that the foods that are bad for us are bad in numerous ways? It goes double, here. The same foods that are the primary allergens and providers of the neurotoxic levels of glutamate to the epileptic are also supplying phenomenal amounts of estrogen. Dairy, grains, and soy are the main culprits and 70% of the American diet is comprised of wheat and dairy alone. Oh oh. Yes, dairy products, wheat, and soy are providing more estrogen to us and our pets than you could ever imagine. So you see, it is not what our body produces that gets us out of balance. Once again, our body doesn't make that kind of mistake. It is what we are consuming that is getting us out of whack (including the hormone replacement therapy....errrrrrh).

The bad news is that the main foods we eat provide lots and lots of estrogen and little to no progesterone. Some herbs provide progesterone but they are used primarily in hand creams not in dietary supplements. So, do you see where I am going with this? The amount of estrogen being consumed, especially by our children and our women, are ADDING dramatically to what the ovaries produce creating the imbalances that so commonly afflict the women in this country. The American diet is estrogen-rich.

So is the pet food, unfortunately. These grain-based diets are loaded with plant estrogens and the evidence is clear...dogs have THREE TIMES the breast cancer that women do and many of those pets were spayed at some point in their life. Why is the risk of mammary cancer reduced dramatically only if the pet is spayed after one or two heat cycles? The food is providing sufficient levels of estrogens that are required to create the environment needed to cultivate breast cancer. (The true "cause" of breast cancer is discussed in my next paper on viruses and cancer.)

Is it all bad news? Absolutely not!!! None of what I write is meant to be bad news. It is meant to be an explanation for why things occur the way they do in the world we have created for ourselves. The GOOD NEWS is that it does not have to be this way!!! The key to surviving menopause is to be prepared for it. Women need to stop doing all of the things that are "condemned" on this site just as I have done with my own health. Eliminate the "trouble foods" as much as possible.... the dairy, grains, and soy (errrrh.) And as far as heart disease goes (and breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer for that matter), stop eating anything...ANYTHING...with hydrogenated oils. This is critical.

I know a number of women whose post-menopausal symptoms have abated once they went wheat and dairy free. Dr. Mercola at has a lot of great advice in this regard. I have read numerous testimonies of women with horrible hot flashes that saw phenomenal improvements shortly after changing their diet. So, what are those hot flashes again??? Aren't they little bursts of "inflammation"? What is causing them? When do they occur? What is their purpose? I think you have a better idea about that now, don't you?

Remember this: We all have more control of what happens to us in the future than we have ever been told. Women are no exception and menopause is an incredible example of this. This life change can be dream or it can be a nightmare. Learn as much about this as possible, and have sweet dreams.... please.


* Migraine Headaches- I will be getting to this soon. In the meantime, please read Pain, Pain Go Away in my Pain Management section. Migraines are complex, but there is a definite relationship between the development of these oftentimes debilitating headaches and the concepts purported in the pain paper.


* Mononucleosis (Epstein-Barr)- This ugly virus is the glaring example of the critical concept of latent viruses. The Answer goes into detail here, but I want to re-emphasize the importance of this idea at this time. It is crucial for people to understand that we (both humans and their pets) have become virus hotels over our lifetime, with Epstein-Barr virus being one of the first to check in. The medical texts say that over 50% of kids have this critter in their body by age five. The majority of the rest of us get it later in life, particularly in our teenage years as mononucleosis. This virus is capable of remaining dormant for years and years, laying in wait until our immune system begins to have trouble keeping it under control. Once our immunity wanes, this opportunist rises up and goes to work.

What sort of problems does the E-B virus cause? First of all, it is the cause of mononucleosis. However, an interesting question arises when our teenager gets mono. Did this individual just acquire Epstein-Barr or is it a flare up of the virus that was acquired as a young child? Great question, and there is an answer worth examining. I believe the answer lies in the clinical course of the mono in that person. For example, when I had mononucleosis at age 12, I was out of school for 6 whole weeks. I then had a relapse about two years later and was out for another month. However, when my daughter had it at age 15, she was sick for 3-4 days and went back to school. Why the huge difference? I am a celiac (gluten intolerant) and my daughter is not. My immune system was seriously compromised by the celiac disease and this allowed the E-B virus free reign for a while. My daughter crushed that guy in 3-4 days, like a healthy immune system should. Therefore, it is very likely that she acquired the virus just before becoming ill. In my case, I may have acquired in before age 5 and that the worsening celiac condition unleashed it at age 12. This just makes sense and is just how latent viruses behave.

So, it should be no surprise that it raised its ugly head again two years later and then again at about age thirty-eight. How did it manifest then? As chronic fatigue. Yes, Epstein-Barr IS involved in chronic fatigue syndrome as illustrated by the fatigue that accompanies mononucleosis and which kept me out of school for 6 weeks. (I know of some teenagers who developed mono and have yet to recover from the fatigue. They have not done what is needed to get this virus back under control.)

Shortly after the chronic fatigue was in full swing, I developed fibromyalgia, which is the other warning sign telling us that Epstein-Barr is on board. Researchers know that this virus is a part of the chronic fatigue-fibromyalgia syndrome and I am a living example of this. Only one out of ten people with fibromyalgia are men, but I was destined to have it with my medical history, wasnt I?

However, I am here to tell you that this latent virus...this terrorist...can be controlled. For the same reason that he was allowed to come out of his cave, we must know that we can shove him back into it. The waning of the immune system does NOT have to be a permanent thing, especially in a nineteen year old (ugh!). Like always, the main thing we have to do is to stop doing what it is that we have been doing to crush that immune system. Anyone who has spent any time on this site knows what to do from here. If not, Email me.

Focus completely on the health of the immune system. Remember that the failure occurred as a result of that system being overworked and underpaid. Start having it do less work (stop eating the primary allergens) and start paying it more (eat your vegetables and fruits). Also, the foods that are overworking the immune system are the same ones causing the pain (glutamate) and the fatigue (casomorphins and gliadorphins). So, the short-term recovery comes quickly...the pain and fatigue starts resolving within days of changing the diet in many cases.

However, we are really after the long-term recovery. We want to become healthy enough to overcome this virus completely. Why? It has also been tied to two forms of leukemia and one of lymphoma. Oh oh! But that could help explain why celiacs have a much higher rate of lymphoma than the general population, couldnt it? Uh huh. Some bad news is a real motivator, isnt it?


* Morgellons Disease- (New!!!) This is one of the most fascinating and, I believe, one the most important conditions to come along in a very long time. The following is a letter I sent to group of doctors and nurses studying this landmark disease state. You'll quickly see why I call it that.


Dear Ms. Savely,
I have been researching Morgellons at the request of a client and friend. In searching the Internet, I came across your name a number of times, starting with a chat room on
I am a veterinarian who turned into a medical researcher and consultant after my personal diagnosis of celiac disease. The subsequent removal of all gluten, casein, soy, and CORN from my diet changed my entire life...personally, professionally, medically and even spiritually. I created an ever-expanding Website to chronicle my discoveries through which I do (free) consultations.
So, when my personal veterinary client (who was also an RN) came to me about Morgellons, I got all excited. This is just the kind of thing I like to sink my teeth into, especially when some people want to label it as a "mental disorder"....not!
The fiber thing caught my attention, of course. How could our bodies create a colored fiber? What are the limitations of our DNA, especially when there is a myriad of viruses bombarding it and when we see that a huge percentage of our "genome" is comprised of viral (e.g. retroviral) information. Yes, by some estimates up to 45% of the amino acid sequences in our double-stranded DNA are comprised of both active and inactive viral genetic information. ( And, that speaks directly to what "genetics" really are, doesn't it? It helps us to see why cancers and other conditions...that are KNOWN to be viral...can run in families. BUT, that's a whole 'nother Email).
Which brings me to the reason for this Email: COULD Morgellons be a product of GMO's (genetically modified organisms) in our food supply? Could your blue, red and white fibers...that most closely resemble cellulose... be a result of plant viruses that are becoming incorporated into the genome of its "victims" which are in turn causing the body to produce these fibers? What colors does corn come in??? Hmmm... Have we created a corn that is unfit for human consumption? Yes...Starlink corn (CRYC). Why did they yank all of those Taco Bell shells (and then proceed to spend millions of dollars removing over 350 corn products off the market) a few years ago. Their reason was "allergic reactions". Well, if you call lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and other immune-mediated diseases "allergic reactions" then that answer would be accurate.
And why would a corn product elicit such a powerful immune response? Succinctly put, because our body (immune system) doesn't want it in us. Why not? Well, an in-depth study of lectins and viruses yields LOTS of answers to that question. But, whodathunk that it was also warning us of an occult entity lurking in that that man put in there because they thought it would be a good idea to make the corn more resistant to bugs. I don't know about you, but I don't really want to eat something unnatural that a bug will no longer eat.
So, could this be the first overt evidence that GMO's are doing serious harm? Could these fibers be due to viruses that we introduced into these crops, not knowing what effect they would have once they reached the human genome? Are we really smart enough (or wise enough) to be playing Russian roulette with viruses like this? (If vaccinations are any clue, the answer is obvious). Is our DNA capable of producing a cellulose-like structure? Again, if what WE become from the joining of two microscopic items, an egg and a sperm, is any clue...complete with smooth and striated muscles, nerves, skin, hair, teeth (enamel), bones, fingernails, and much more...I would say it is quite likely. Look what our body does when things go wrong "genetically".
I hope this helps in some way,

* Multiple Sclerosis- The following is an Email I just sent to some clients about MS (degenerative myelopathy). I got three Emails in one day about this, two from people with MS and one from a dog owner with degenerative myelopathy (German shepherd). So, I wrote something that I had been thinking about for quite some time.

I have now had two people with MS have complete remission of symptoms following the adoption of the GFCFSFCF diet (gluten, casein, soy, corn-free). One required a move to a non-polluted area to become completely well, which makes all of the sense in the world to me now.
Yes, MS is still a "mystery" but that's what makes it interesting to study. Like so many "idiopathic" conditions, there are many epidemiological and medical facts that should be pointing us in the right direction. That word "idiopathic" should not be shutting our brains off or delegating all of the thinking power to guys in ivory towers. It should simply be making us look at these conditions as "syndromes", in which multiple factors come together to produce a result. When we do this, some interesting answers arise that point us in the right direction.
Hi R.,
Yes, I'm "just a vet." :):):)  Buuuut, I have realized something very important- if MDs studied veterinary medicine like I have studied human medicine, we would be a lot further down the road toward figuring all of these things out.
Dogs DO get MS. We call it degenerative myelopathy. It occurs primarily in large breed dogs, German shepherds being the number one victim. In fact, the condition in the dog is so similar to that of people that they once thought humans may have contracted from dogs (e.g. canine distemper virus. Being a paramyxovirus, with measles and mumps being paramyxoviruses, that is possible, especially when we see that many viruses that afflict humans are harbored in animals.)  The thing is, if it is the distemper virus, why do such a small, select number of dogs get it? Why don't we see it across the board in all breeds? If it were a parasite (which is HIGHLY unlikely), then the same would be true...not so select in the breeds we see it in. SO, we have to look at "genetics".
But what ARE "genetics"? They are basically two things- Gene sequences that determine traits and body functions AND sequences derived from viruses. Yes, approximately 45% of the genetic information in our DNA is from viruses....a very important "fun fact". So, the DNA IS "command central", containing both the information for normal development AND the potential for things to go wrong. They have tried to nail down the "genetics" of MS for a long time but it just doesn't seem to work out for them. That's because it is complicated and multiple factors have to come together to make it happen.
What DO we know (other than it happens in SELECT breeds of dogs and that MDs think there is a hereditary link but can't seem to prove it)? MS occurs most prevalently in northern climates (above the 33rd parallel). Why? Relative lack of vitamin D (with lack of sunlight exposure being the main culprit) is the accepted theory. And, I think they are right. Vitamin D is crucial for the immune system to function properly. (A recent medical study boldly proclaimed that if all Americans took an effective vitamin D supplement, we would cut the cancer risks by over a 1/3. Wow!) But air pollution...which is horribly neurotoxic and immune suppressive also has major detrimental effects on MS. So, it does sound like an immune system problem (weakness) doesn't it?
So, what is being unleashed by the weakened immune system? A parasite? (not likely...we would have SEEN that microscopically long ago.Plus, parasites would not be nearly so selective.). A bacteria? (same...we would have seen it and more would be affected.). A virus? Ahhh...we're getting closer. But why haven't they cultured it out or at least identified it yet? Because it is already in the DNA, perhaps, as suggested by the quite limited number of breeds of dogs that are afflicted? We know this happens in the case of retroviruses and cancer. 
But what we also know is that there are some viruses that require "helper" viruses...those that provide essential amino acid sequences that are missing in the genetic make-up of the primary virus or segment already in place in the DNA. This is known. So,imagine someone that has that incomplete sequence in their DNA who then contracts the virus that supplies the missing information. It is like someone putting the right code into a stalled computer....suddenly it starts running. THIS would help explain the relatively uncommon incidence of MS in both species as well as the "genetic" tendency that they just can't seem to work out. It would also explain the role of the demise of the immune system, nutrition, the northern climate prevalence (the vitamin D connection), and just about every other loose end that we have before us right now. Hmmm.... Maybe we're onto something here? :)
So, with this kind of "idiopathic condition" (MS, epilepsy, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc.) we should be looking for a "syndrome"...a number of factors that come together that produce a result. The really cool thing to see is the role of foods...the "big 4" all of this. All you have to do is fully grasp the potentially cataclysmic effects of the malabsorption syndrome that goes along with the intolerance (to gluten, casein, soy, corn...the vast majority of our diet and that of our pets), the direct effect of lectins on cellular function (this is HUGE and demands our time), and the role of viruses, both "overt" and those whose information is already embedded in our very genome. 
We need to study all that we can about these three things (food intolerance, lectins, and viruses) and the world of medicine will open up before us. It becomes readily apparent that the rest (bacteria, parasites, fungi/yeast) are secondary players..."opportunists" that arise and cause problems as this process unfolds. In fact, I look at them as the things SEEN to help us understand the things UNSEEN...the demise of our immune system and microscopic damage done to our tissues. Once we look at them this way, then we note them as "warning signs" to go along with the other, obvious warning signs that preceded THEIR arrival...the heartburn, IBS, allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, insomnia, etc. etc.
We can't say that we haven't been warned.
I hope this helps. Keep in touch,

* Pain (chronic) Management- For now, please read my paper on pain titled Pain, Pain Go Away in the Pain Management section. It is about 15 pages long and goes into the neurophysiology of pain as well as chronicles my recovery from fibromyalgia. Anyone...ANYONE...who is in chronic pain needs to read this paper. You will be surprised to find out how easy it is to reduce your pain by raising your pain threshold. The paper goes into detail concerning just what we are consuming (and breathing) every day that is making the pain center in our brain so sensitive, so over-reactive. By eliminating the neurostimulants in our diet (such as MSG and aspartame), miracles can occur...and quickly. Too good to be true? In this case, the good news is completely true. 


* Parkinson's Disease- This is a condition that became near and dear to me during the early part of my research. Michael J. Fox was in the news and I just had to know why that talented guy had Parkinson's Disease. Little did I know that the interest I had in him would lead to so many of the principles that I would later use to illustrate how chronic illnesses develop and ravage our bodies.

Once again, I will return to this section and write a piece on Parkinson's that will really get you going. But for the time being, please read about this rising problem in The Answer. There are many references to Parkinson's in that paper, but the principle ones are shown in the Table of Contents. This paper shows how a single virus may have been (partly) responsible for over 6.5 million cases of Parkinson's disease and illustrates my "theory" on the relationship of viruses and dietary proteins. It is worth reading even if this serious condition has not personaly touched your life...yet.


* Post partum Depression- If the viewer has read the above section on menopause, they have a good idea of what I have to say about post partum depression. This often terrifying syndrome has a number of fascinating and, I believe, very explainable aspects to it. If you have not read the section on menopause, I would encourage you to do so before proceeding. It lays some very important groundwork for what is written next.

It IS all about hormones, as women so commonly volunteer in their defense. "Yes guys, they are right about this." Once again, the pregnancy is maintained by our new friend progesterone. As the reader now understands, progesterone is a powerful hormone and is actually stronger than cortisone in its anti-inflammatory effect. During pregancy, this compound coursing through the mother's veins makes her nearly "bullet-proof" when it comes to immune-mediated events and reactions. For example, many moms-to-be have reported an abatement of food and inhalant allergies during pregnancy. I previously mentioned one that was totally milk intolerant unless she was pregnant. This speaks to the powerful effect of that "covers up" otherwise significant reactions on the part of the immune system. This is good and bad, I'm afraid. More on that in a second.

One of the major "side effects" of cortisone therapy in the pet is an increased appetite. Hmmm... That sounds a bit familiar when it comes to the pregnant woman, doesn't it? Certainly a pregnant individual needs more calories for the proper development of the life inside of them BUT most would agree that the amount of weight (fat) gained by many woman in this condition is abnormal and is now frowned upon.

Then there is the matter of those "cravings". As I wrote in the Food Addiction section, cravings are usually for something that your brain has become addicted to and start once the level of these addictive substances have dropped below a threshold level. The two most addicting foods are dairy and wheat due to the fact that they have both "downers" (the casomorphins and gliadorphins) and "uppers" (the neurostimulants glutamate and aspartate) in them. Cheese just has to be the most addictive food on the planet. Other food addictions include chocolate, diet drinks, and sugar. And as we established earlier, there are no physical addictions that are healthy for you...none.

So, let's tie this up now. We have a pregnant woman with progesterone running through her veins to maintain the pregnancy. She begins having cravings induced by that cortisone-like hormone. This same "drug" is serving to reduce the inflammatory and any other type of reaction that she may otherwise have to the foods she is eating to satisfy those cravings. (Remember that dairy intolerant client of mine.) The cravings are for foods that are addictive in many cases...those that will do her harm....when the progesterone levels drop. Oh, oh.

 Yes, all good things must come to an end and the "drug abuse" that has occurred during pregnancy suddenly has to come to an abrupt halt. Those women that had problems such as wheat, dairy, or soy intolerance prior to the pregnancy (and who either did or did not know that beforehand) have been suddenly subjected to a serious crisis. Their anti-inflammatory "medication" was just yanked away from them. This has the potential for resulting in a myriad of problems, ranging from allergic reactions (with subsequent histamine release, a very depressing substance) to gut damage, as seen in celiac disease, with a sudden drop in blood serotonin levels. (Celiacs very commonly suffer from acute endogenous depression from a rapid depletion of serotonin, a mood moderating hormone.) Add to that the fact that she is probably having some withdrawal symptoms from the drop in progesterone levels alone (as in cortisone withdrawal) and the reader can see why some individuals literally come apart at the seams. Depression in many of these cases can be acute and severe and can even result in violent behavior toward the child or spouse. It doesn't just happen on Law and Order.

Now you see why I would write about such a thing on a "veterinary" site. This condition illustrates a number of the principles about which I write. But, the thing it drives home more than anything to me is the evil nature of food addictions. People make jokes about food cravings, especially within the context of pregnancy. Pickles and what? But...BUT...the cravings are a very real thing and are usually for the foods that we are trying to eliminate here, especially the number one and two allergens. Now that you have a better appreciation for the things that these foods are capable of, it should be easy to see why this topic is on the roster.


* Sickle Cell Disease- I decided that I wasnt going to make you wait for this one. Its way too important and illustrates a huge point. But first, a little background information.

I have been pretty amazed at the number of my Black American clients that have never been told the historical and global significance of the Sickle cell gene. The fact is that this gene protects those who possess it in areas of the world where malaria is a problem. When a malaria organism attempts to infect a red blood cell with the sickle cell gene, that cell turns into a sickle cell that, in turn, will not support the life of that malaria organism. So, without the sickle cell gene in their red cells, the victim of that mosquito bite would develop malaria. In other words, the sickle cell gene saved their life. So, what in the world happened to turn this life-saving gene against its host, creating a condition that the mere mention of its name could strike fear into those members of our population who carry it?

Sickle cell disease is a horrible collection of symptoms that centers around the rupture of red blood cells and the development of clots in blood vessels, leading to growth defects, pain syndromes, vascular damage in the lungs, liver and other organs, and severe anemia.

It is devastating to say the least. But once again, we have to ask (now more in unison due to the opening paragraph) How can something that used to save lives of Black Americans in their native homeland turn on them and cause such serious, life-threatening illness? Well, a good starting point is to look at what changed between there and here.

What did change? The climate, the air, the clothing, the water, and what else? Oh yeah, the diet. The reader had to know that this would be the focus of attention here and it is because I believe it deserves to be. The fact is that those in Africa did not eat wheat or drink cow milk at the time they were being taken into slavery. They lived on all of the gluten-free grains that are suitable for celiacs like myself-millet, sorghum, and maize- and consumed goat milk when they required dairy products. Their first exposure to the newly-improved (actually toxic) common wheat that our European ancestors had created in about 400 AD was on the slave boats during transport. History tells us that nearly 40% of the slaves never made it to their ports of destination, many of them dying of acute dysentery. This is exactly what happened in the years immediately following common wheats creation: acute celiac disease wiped out countless children and adults once the gluten hit their duodenal villi, crushed their immune systems, and allowed the dysentery to run rampant. Black Americans simply became the newest batch of celiacs, the way I see it. Couple that bread with a big glass of cow milk once they did arrive on our shores and you have a real immunological disaster in the making.

This is actually consistent with the clinical signs of sickle cell disease. The night I read a medical manual on sickle cell, I called my brother with a run down of symptoms to an undisclosed disease. I asked him what they sounded like to him. He answered Celiac disease. I told him that it was sickle cell disease. He was amazed. Thats when I offered my theory to him. We agreed that it certainly made sense.

We know that celiac sufferers are very prone to autoimmune diseases. The damage to the duodenum sets them up for this as described all over this site. They have up to 50 times higher rates of thyroid disorders, lupus, rheumatoid, and platelet disorders than the general population. Once we enter what I call safe mode...that time in our lives when the immune system starts reacting to numerous foreign proteins in order to protect us further...our immune system starts to attack these protein invaders (viruses, inhalant proteins, dietary glycoproteins, etc.) wherever they may be. Some are in the tissue of our organs while others are in the blood stream and on the blood cells themselves. Red blood cells, platelets, and even the blood vessels can have these protein antigens attached to or within them.

So, I see sickle cell disease as a horrible cascade of events that starts with the formation of sickle cells from a stimulus other than the one intended: the infection of a red cell with malaria. These sickle cells develop as a result of other antigenic insults on the red cell, the same ones that cause autoimmune hemolytic anemias and thrombocytopenias (platelet deficiencies) in celiacs and other immune-challenged people. But, in the sickle cell sufferer, the pump has been primed in an awful way, being programmed to fold like a card house when challenged.

Once the individual enters safe mode, all it takes is the right stimulus- a viral infection, a vaccine, a large dose of inhalant or food allergen, a drug reaction, a bacterial infection, etc- and the domino effect takes place, causing massive collapse of red cells and adhesion of these antigenically polarized cells to each other and to the vessels that contain them. The results are almost predictable as the blood vessels supplying the bones and various organs are occluded by these clots. It is truly a medical nightmare.

White Americans have had the longest time to adapt to the serious agricultural mistake their ancestors made back in 400 AD. The creation of common wheat and the subsequent introduction of gluten will live in infamy in the minds of those who understand the consequences of this historical milestone. Even Caucasians have had 1000 less years to adapt to their second big mistake- jumping ship from sheep and goat to cows as the source of milk- than they have to making the wheat. Perhaps thats another reason why cow milk has been incriminated in so many of the conditions that affect us.

But, the groups with the highest rates of immune-mediated diseases stand out and do so for a reason. Diabetes has skyrocketed in the Black, Asian, Hispanic, and Native Indian American over the recent years. The African American leads the way in heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. These facts should no longer be such a surprise. These groups are the newest to the American (Western European) diet.

With 60-70% of this countrys diet now being made up of those two foods that harmed them most in history, the newcomers should see this correlation and take steps to correct it. The Japanese American women should easily see that it is cow milk consumption (with the help of hydrogenated oils) that is leading them into epidemic rates of breast cancer. The Black American woman should see that it is cow milk that is leading the way into such serious incidence of osteoporosis and diabetes, while it contributes horribly to heart disease and their breast cancer rates.

But for the sake of this discussion, it should be clear why I suggest that diet turned this life-saving trait into a tragic medical condition. To me, this disease illustrates a number of the most important points that I have tried to make on this site. One: Things happen for a reason in our body. Something is idiopathic only because we have not asked the right question yet. Two: We are responsible for the things that go wrong in this body of ours. The holistic proponent is right when they say If something is wrong with your body than you have done something to it. This includes destroying your own immunity. Three: Genetics do not make you sick. They never have and they never will. Genetics simple determine what will happen to you when it all starts to come apart. As long as you stay healthy and out of safe mode, the genetic codes are nothing but a bunch of chromosomes. BUT, once the damage is done and the wall is hit, the genetics will help to determine which plague (or plagues) you get to endure. And four: The love of food is the root of all medical evil. (I thought Id slip that in.) Could that be true? Could the trouble foods that I preach about be the cause of all of our medical woes? If we ate perfectly and the damage to the gut never happened, the malabsorption of the nutrients never happened, the formation of food-related antibodies never happened, and we never went into my mythological safe mode, could we live to be the hundred and twenty years of age we were promised in the Bible?

What I do know is that by eliminating these foods from my diet, my life has done a 180-degree turn medically speaking. Bullet-proof is the term I use these days to describe how I feel most days. Could a person with sickle cell disease become bulletproof by avoiding the protein antigens that trigger the cascade of events described above? Perhaps we should ask those people in Africa and the Mediterranean who carry the gene but rarely suffer from the disease. At least, that used to be true. Watch what happens as the American diet makes its way around the world. Fast food: our gift to the world.


* Sleep- I will be writing an entire paper on this incredibly important topic in the near future. I can not put a number on the importance of sleep. Millions and millions of people have poor sleep habits and it is totally expainable in the vast majority of cases. And, it has potentially cataclysmic effects on our health, ranging from poor decision making to increased cancer rates.

The following is a letter that I just wrote that will serve as a primer for the paper to come. I hope it helps.


Hey H. and Y.,

Yes, this (lack of sleep problem) is a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE issue and I am about to write a paper purely on sleep. Because our body heals during sleep, this could not be a bigger issue. It is a complex issue but one with very definable aspects.
I personally do not believe that there should be much innate difference between individual's need for sleep or when they get it. All humans should get close to 8 hours and we should all get it from about 10pm to 6am. That is the natural cycle and one that I am finally on now that I have altered my diet (for 6 years) and am off all caffeine.
BUT, there are many, many things that alter our circadian rhythms and get us off this natural cycle, including our diets, caffeine, lifestyle, and habits. If our bodies are one thing,  they are adaptable. We are incredibly and wonderfully made. If we insist on doing shift work...working at night instead of the day...then our bodies will adapt, thank God. But it is unnatural and studies of disease rates among people who do this proves it.
All we really have to understand is the serotonin-melatonin cycle, the effect of light on our pituitary, and what we do to disrupt all of this to understand the dilemma we are in. For one thing, light inhibits serotonin to melatonin conversion. Stay up watching TV  or working on the computer does much to delay this conversion. And caffeine does not do what most people think. Caffeine from 8am to 3pm postpones bedtime, delaying serotonin conversion, while caffeine consumed after 4pm speeds up the sleep-wake cycle at the other end, awakening people at 4-5am instead of 6 when it should happen. So many people think that caffeine has "no effect" on them because they can drink it in the late evening hours and still sleep. Now you know why. It doesn't inhibit serotonin to melatonin conversion after 4pm, it simply speeds up the wake cycle in the AM. Ask those same people about that and they will tell you that this is exactly what's happening to them....restless sleep after 4 or 5 am. So simple, so misunderstood.
"Insomnia", the way we use that term, is really a misnomer. Most who call themselves "insomniacs" don't have trouble falling asleep. They have trouble staying asleep. In fact, they have trouble staying awake. They typically pass out at 9pm or so on the sofa, sleep til 11 and then drag themselves off to bed. BUT, they wake up like a shot at 1-2am and can't go back to sleep. This is a classic pattern for millions of people. I hear it all the time. And, it is the glutamate content (the "MSG" protein in foods, if you will) of their dinner and dessert that wakes them up 4-6 hours after eating, just like the un-medicated epileptic dog that seizes 4-6 hours after meals. (See The GARD section of the site.) It takes 4-6 hours for the glutamic acid (glutamate) in our food to be metabolized and reach the brain (whereas, it takes only 30mins to an hour for free MSG...monosodium reach the brain and cause migraines, pain, the "MSG rush" and more.)
So, we have people who now stay up late on the computer or watching TV who are postponing serotonin to melatonin conversion. Many of these same people are drinking lots of caffeine (like the average person does). They ate a meal RICH in the non-essential, neurostimulating amino acid glutamate (found in the richest abundance in the "big 4" foods that cause food intolerance...gluten, casein,soy, and corn), and they are wondering why they don't sleep? Hmmm...
Our bodies are amazing and they adapt to all of this abuse, so well that we think people are actually different and require less sleep than other and live in different time zones as that article you sent me "explains". Hahahaha. What an absolutely ridiculous notion, if you ask me. Hey, we are all humans. We may look different on the outside but we are all put together the same way biologically. It is our lifestyles and diets that are different and this has the potential to change everything. 
I hope this helps,


* Stuttering- It is my belief that there is a very good chance that this condition is akin to epilepsy in that the same foods that are providing the neurologically active proteins described in the epilepsy paper (Idiopathic Epilepsy- The Dietary Solution) are the culprits in this frustrating and embarrassing condition. I have now read accounts of stuttering people with celiac disease who were able to completely control this communication affliction with a gluten-free diet. However, there are also reports of celiacs with this that did not respond. My comment to them would be the same as my comments to other celiacs that are not reaching optimal health: "Gluten is only ONE of the culprits in the deterioration of our health. You MUST consider dairy (casein) and soy protein as being capable of doing every bit as much harm as gluten."

The neurologic system is greatly affected by these three foods, with gluten-containing grains and cow milk products being the most damaging. Once again, this is due to the fact that these two food groups have both the depressing substances (casomorphins and gliadorphins) and the neurostimulants (glutamate and aspartate). On top of that, they block the absorption of essential nutrients in the duodenum creating a cascade of negative effects.

Who would be more susceptible to these negative effects than the developing child? Remembering that we are on a spectrum of susceptibility to the effects of these foods, it is easy to see that the worst of the worst will suffer the most serious and most uncommon consequences. If there is a place for genetics in the grand scheme of things, this is where it goes. As I have written before, I look at genetics as the roadmap of where you are headed once you leave the main highway of good health. As long as you are doing everything right, that map remains in your glove box. But once you take a left hand turn off the interstate of wellness and your immune system, for example, starts to falter, then that genetic roadmap is likely to tell you where you are headed in the way of conditions and diseases.

This concept was illustrated so well when I started following leads in the study of stuttering. My intuitive brother put me on this trail. He was reading my work on epilepsy and asked if I thought stuttering might be similar and then proceeded to tell me why he thought so. He was absolutely right, I believe. I accessed one of my celiac searches, put in "stuttering" and the evidence hit me right between the eyes. But again, I found mixed responses to gluten elimination alone just as one would expect from reading my work on epilepsy. In some individuals, the elimination of gluten grains was adequate to completely halt the stuttering, just as the removal of wheat from the diet of some dogs arrested their seizures. But in the worst cases, the removal of all sources of the offending proteins would be required.

I "theorize" that there is a parallel between stuttering and other developmental problems in the neurologic system such as SIDS and learning disabilities. I believe the link is a combination of the depressing protein complexes (casomorphins and gliadorphins) and the malabsorption of essential nutrients by the damaged duodenum which leads to the poor development of these brain centers. Of course, the duodenal damage is being done by the same foods that are providing the neurologically active proteins. The depression associated with these proteins was simply meant to be the warning sign to lay off these foods. But once the vitamins and minerals that are essential for proper brain development are depleted, the cascade of problems begin and the depression caused by the casomorphins and gliadorphins becomes quite profound (as in the case of autism).

As in the case of epilepsy, once the neurons of the brain become chronically depressed, they then upload (become more sensitive) in an attempt to overcome the depression. Once again, this is the origin of narcotic addiction. The brain gets accustomed to the effects of the narcotics and makes an adjustment that then becomes a way of life for these neurons. When the narcotic is withdrawn, the brain calls out for more to keep the situation in balance. While uploaded, the neurons tend to overreact to the neurostimulants (glutamate and asparate) in the same foods. So, the person who stutters may be in an interesting physiological dilemma. They have a depressed, poorly developed speech center that overreacts to the stimulants in the same foods that have been causing the original damage. So when the glutamate and aspartate hit that individual's brain, the over-stimulation of the impaired neurons of the speech center produces a repetitive action that manifests as stuttering. Their depressed brain will not let intended the words out despite the fact (and even because of the fact) that the neurostimulants are beating at the door. By removing the sources of the depressants and the stimulants, the situation resolves. Also by doing so, the proper absorption of essential supportive nutrients for the brain can occur again. The process is reversed, just as it is documented in the celiac literature.

In those that are afflicted, there are very specific areas of the brain that can be affected, such as the respiratory center (as in SIDS) or the speech centers (as in stuttering) or in centers of cognition (as in specific learning disabilities). Why one condition develops rather than another is a great question. The way I see it, there are three possible explanations for this: genetics, multiple mechanisms, and "the other explanation". What is "the other explanation"? It is the one we really have no clue about, similar to the answer to "Why does MS usually strike one side of the body or the other but not both sides simultaneously?"

Trigeminal neuropathy, Bells palsy (facial nerve), optic neuritis, peripheral neuropathies of the limbs, and other manifestations of MS usually occur on one side at a time. If it is an internal, autoimmune problem (like it is) then why aren't the nerves on both sides attacked at the same time??? There is really no logical medical explanation for this. Hmmm... I simply call it grace. If the attack occurred on both sides at the same time, the body's function would be greatly reduced, especially in the case of the blindness caused by optic neuritis. Therefore, we have been spared for some "unknown reason" by having it occur only unilaterally. So, on the issue of why a person suffers from one neurological manifestation versus another, we may discover that genetics do play a big role as a determinant OR we may not. It may just be "the other explanation".

I have strayed a bit from the topic at hand but it was warranted, I think. It was done to illustrate the fact that a multitude of neurological disorders can arise from a common origin. Celiacs are renowned for having one or more of the above conditions. Stuttering has been halted in some celiacs by eliminating gluten. So have many of the other conditions. But, the reader must ALWAYS remember that gluten is only ONE of the big three food components involved in these disorders. Remember too that wheat is only the number two allergen in man and pets while cow milk is number one. Therefore, it would seem logical to eliminate all gluten, casein, and soy in the stuttering patient, as well as the obvious sources of glutamate and aspartate such as MSG and diet drinks.

Recovery from this condition may be rapid and complete. Those who know would certainly say that a dietary trial is well-worth the effort.


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I hope you enjoyed your time here and got something important from your stay. It is my goal to help all of mankind navigate through the jungle of medical information now available on the Internet and find the truth about the origins of what we call "disease" as well as discover the natural solutions for these conditions.
We do have our health's destiny in our own hands more than we've ever imagined, certainly more than most have ever been told. Think naturally and the answer will come.
Dogtor J
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