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* Warning- This is not veterinary medicine. Please read this warning before proceeding.

Warning #2- For those of you who did not read the first warning.                            

* My Christmas Card to the "Friends of Dogtor J."- This was a Christmas message that I sent to those on my mailing list who were of like mind. It centers on an analogy that came to me one day while explaining a few things to my teenage son. I hope that you get something from it.

* Jesus Christ's True Birthday?- (Link only. Click to read this article)  Here is an Email that I sent in 3/07 to the "Friends of DogtorJ", those poor unsuspecting folks in my Email address book. LOL Although it has many Christian references, it was not meant to be polarizing or even proselytizing but rather to be thought-povoking and inspiring. I have friends of many faiths and was addressing many of the forces that are working against mankind in general. "Divide and Conquer" is the strategy that is commonly used by the enemies of truth. I hope that you all get something important from this.

* The Seventy Week Prophecy of Daniel- Past or Future- or Both?  (Link only. Click title to read this article)- This is a paper I wrote in November of 2008 that resulted from intense Bible study over the last 7 years concerning Old Testament prophecy, the prophetic words of Jesus, the Book of Revelation, and dispensationalism ("futurism").  It is approximately 21 pages long but if you have questions about what the Old Testament says about the coming of the Messiah and what the Book of Revelation is really about, then you might want to read this paper.

* The Leviticus Diet- Whether you are Biblically inclined or not, you may find this interesting. I will go into much greater detail on this subject as soon as time allows. But in the meantime, I have placed an Email that I just wrote in this area that touches on the lifestyle of vegetarianism as well as explains a bit about the food rules of the 11th Chapter of Leviticus. The verses there are familiar to many, but the message behind them may surprise some of you. This little portion of the Bible says so much about the timeless nature of this great Book.

* The Last Coming of Christ- (Link Only. Click title to read this article)- This is a brand new Website (July 4th, 2009) that I created in less than 24 hours to share the good news of Christ's return(s)...the imminent return that He spoke of in Matthew 24 and the one that most Christians are awaiting. Did we miss one??? The site explains in detail.

* Man's Best Friend  (A Tribute to my Mom)- I recently experienced what most agree has to be one of the... if not the... most difficult events in our lives: the loss of a mother. She was an incredible woman and a yardstick by which to measure my progress as a person.

* The Latest Epiphany- (Link only) This is my response to my friend George's letter, a wise chiropracter who is attending a Tuesday night group that I lead at my church. This Email contains many of the elements that we have covered in our group...things that have arisen from hours of discussion of how and why our body does what it does in response to what we do to it. I shared the idea that viruses were created for good with the group one night and we came up with some amazing ideas. As much as this sounds like "medical heresy", it actually dovetails perfectly into what we already know to be true in medicine. It simply takes our understanding of genetics to a whole new level, demystifying it along the way. Of course, there is no way in my mind to cover this without bringing in the Creator of the universe. And by including Him, of course we arrive at the epiphany. This letter contains strong religious references and is not meant to offend or alienate anyone. It is simply what I believe in my heart of hearts to be true and, again, "dovetails" (perfect analogy) right into our understanding of medicine, adding a new dimension to the relationship between our physical and spiritual lives. I hope that it blesses you!

* Twinkies- The "Magikal" Snack- Here is a little "parable"for you. It is a forum post that I made and later sent to my "Friends of DogtorJ". This is what I like to call "level two"...the things unseen that become apparent once our eyes are open. I hope that your get something important from it.

*What is an American?- (Link only. Click here) This was published in National Review magazine shortly after the Attack on America in September, 2001. It was written by Peter Ferrara, an associate professor of law at the George Mason University School of Law. It is often circulated on the Internet as "To Kill An American", written by an Australian dentist. Here is the scoop from Truth or ( )

*Congratulations- Here is Your Prize- (New, as of 6-07)  Here is something different for you...a bonus for wading through all of this material. If you get this far, I would really like to hear from you. My Email address is



Warning. This is not veterinary medicine.

The following commentary may seem inappropriate for those who came here purely for veterinary advice. However, in light of recent changes in our political world as well as in the world of medicine, I have felt compelled to share the following information with those that are of like mind. If you are offended by the beliefs of Christians, then you should probably avoid this section. However, if you are a Christian or an open-minded individual seeking answers for the common questions relating to our newest challenges, then please read on.

A number of you have recently questioned why I feel compelled to have scientific and religious views and information on one site. My answer lies, in part, in
The Answer. If a person has waded through that dissertation, paying attention along the way, then they were likely to see the perfection in the human and animal body that speaks directly to the truth of the Creator, Himself. As a scientist, I can honestly and whole-heartedly say that it is illogical to believe in evolution when you have to start with absolutely nothing. It was proven by scientists centuries ago that "nothing comes from nothing". Animals, people, cars, rockets, and condos don't appear out of thin air.

Granted that the story of a God and creation is also fantastic, but between the two choices, only one is logical, even applying the most stringent of today's scientific standards. "Nothing comes from nothing." That is the starting point that many have never started from. I have found that if unbelievers are content in their current global and creation view, then they haven't asked enough, the right, or deep enough questions. People are very "good" at reaching their personal comfort levels on issues.

The fact is that life, religion, and medicine are much deeper than the surface levels at which most of us operate. Need proof? Just try asking the next question...the next in depth or complexity...of whatever issue with which you are dealing. Heartburn can be a very simple but classic example. Instead of simply reaching for the antacid, ask "Why do I have the heartburn?". But, don't stop there. Ask "Why do I have it right now?". Why does it appear seasonal sometimes?  Why does it come and go? Why are antacids usually antihistamines? Why would dairy and wheat be the most common causes of heartburn? Why should Christians have an "ego-centric" view when it comes to the earth and the rest of the universe?(Woops! How did that one get in there? That one will be explained later in the addendum at the end of this page, some time in the near future.) Asking the right questions and not being satisfied with superficial answers is the key to true and lasting knowledge, isn't it? It ultimately leads to the Truth.

The purposes of
The Answer were multiple. It started out as an exercise to help people and their pets get better from the illnesses from which they suffered. In doing so, a number of profound discoveries were made that opened doors that I didn't even know existed. Suddenly, I was thrust into a theoretical world that seems to parallel this one- one in which there was no illness because we all had such healthy immune systems. How we managed to fall from that world into the one in which we live became a spiritual issue as much as a medical one. I found myself telling my clients that "This is when it turns into a sermon instead of a medical lecture." I finally heard myself say it and, low and behold, it HAD turned into a sermon. The two were irreversibly linked.

So, I say to those who think there should be a "separation of church and state", there is no separation. The two are one, with God being the greatest scientist of all. He has made a universe that should stagger the mind, not divide it into different camps. Once a person understands the intricacies of the body, the vastness of the universe, and the almost "overdone" creation of nature, then they can truly appreciate the folly in believing that it all came from a vacuum. It doesn't matter how much time you give it to happen, the complexity of our body didn't come from an amoeba, wherever the amoeba came from.

The Wake-up Call (for those who had a chance to read it) came from the heart after the horrifying and awakening events of September 11th. I had been studying prophecy and the Middle East ever since the impact of my medical findings had struck me right between the eyes. The "revelation" of our medical plight had consequently put me in touch with our political problems. We seemed to be storming toward a critical juncture in man's journey through time. I, like many Christians, have seen it coming for years. The events in New York, Washington, and the world just brought it suddenly to the forefront.

Therefore, most should see that there is a "method to my madness". These issues fold together like the ingredients of a recipe. It is a familiar recipe to many. For those that don't know or have forgotten how to cook, this website was created to get you back in the kitchen.

Any comments or questions can be sent to me at . I will try to get to those Emails as soon as possible.

May God bless you continually from this day forward.



Warning #2

Dear Readers,

Despite my previous warning that the following is not veterinary medicine, I have received a few Emails stating how inappropriate my remarks are in the following article, especially on a "medical site". Let me say again, that before proceeding, you should decide whether you want to jump from the medical into the political and religious arenas.

As I have stated in the above preface that the concepts described in the medical papers presented on this site irreversibly link medicine to religion. This has been true over the millennia, as the religious figure in the culture was usually the "medicine man" as well. Modern medicine should be no different in my mind. The value of prayer, for example, is now being clinically evaluated in hospitals with astounding results. This of course should be no surprise to the faithful, but unfortunately it does surprise too many of us.

One of the primary purposes of this site is to bring people back to the love relationship with God that He would have exist. After all, it is the greatest command, to love your God with all of your being. A better understanding of how and why He did things and how things operate on this earth certainly helps to accomplish this return by humbling us before His all-knowing, all-powerful, yet merciful feet.

"Then, why drag the political issues into the picture?", the reader may ask (and has). The events of 9-11 made it happen. Suddenly, the world has changed forever, hasn't it? In an instant, the attitudes of all people have changed in some way.There has been a unification process that has taken place BUT it has occurred on every front, hasn't it? Lines have suddenly been drawn more deeply in the sand. Those in the U.S. now have a clearer sense of who the enemy of our freedom really is. That freedom that many have taken for granted for so long has been challenged, if not just in our minds and emotions...for now.

The fact is that the three topics of health, religion, and politics are all intertwined. The degradation of our health (and morals) falls directly in line with the destabilization of the political arena. We are in troubled times to make a gross understatement. The reader knows this unless they are in full-blown denial. Once you get through a few of the medical essays, you should see how our mental and physical health are greatly influenced by these food issues. The alterations in our mental and emotional health play a tremendous role in the social (and thereby political) arena. You will see why I shuddered as the NATO trucks rolled into Afghanistan with tons of wheat as their cargo. You will see why I cringe at the thought of China being the number one wheat grower in the world. You will see why I am so passionate about the addition of soy to the American diet. If not, then I am not speaking clearly. 

But, there are answers to be had to why this is all occurring...lots and lots of them. Where does the faithful person turn for those answers? Yes, the Bible. It is loaded with answers, if we would just take the time to look for them. But, we have created such a busy and complex life for ourselves that we can't seem to find the time to dig them out. So, we turn to "fast food' religion and politics, just like we do medicine. Look where that approach has taken us in medicine.

I'm afraid that the medical profession, too, has also left their "first love". I was guilty of this myself for nearly twenty years. I was trained like every one else to examine the patient and take a history in order to diagnose a condition and determine which pharmaceutical (there's an interesting word) to use. However, I finally was awakened to the fact that most drugs simply counteract the symptoms that our body is desperately producing to try to protect itself. You have read the analogies in The Answer (I hope). The fact is that we will never be as smart as our immune system or the rest of our body. We will never be able to play God in that fashion. "Fast food" medicine has to be reversed, as does that lazy form of religion and politics, if we are to make a difference. 

This website was created to try to facilitate that change. I, with all of my power coming from Him, am desperately trying to rally a group of people who are willing to return to their first love, the Creator Himself. He wants it. He actually demands it, for our own good. Once we stray from that Love, we have opened the door to so many serious problems.

So, I will continue to have this area on thye site. In fact, I will be expanding it as the responses keep coming in. In the very near future, today if possible, I will be posting your responses, both positive and negative. The first will be a very negative one and I will post my response to that letter. This will show those who insist that I keep this part off of the site that it is simply not going to happen.

I am sorry if this offends anyone. It is not meant to be offensive. This area is for those of like mind and those who are searching for answers to today's huge and looming questions. I am well-aware that people of other faith are reading this site. Once again, I do not mean to offend you any more than you do when you share your beliefs with someone else. There are many well-meaning, kind, considerate, productive, and giving people of other faiths. I acknowledge this and respect them for those characteristics. The biggest difference, of course, is the question of whether Christ was who He says He was. This issue is huge in my mind and should be in yours. If the reader thinks that this is not important, then he needs to seriously look at the implications of what Christ claimed. This should be done for your own knowledge if nothing else. Christ was either the true Son of God or He was the most famous lunatic to walk the earth. Million and millions of people believe in Him, at least in name. He is the most famous, written-about, worshipped, and influential man to ever walk the earth. This fact should be worth a peek into who He claimed to be and what He taught.

I will be adding more on this site about religious history and how the multitudes of faiths came about for those who are interested. The story is just as fascinating as any medical explanation I can offer. From the common origins of Christianity and Islam to the two family lines of Joseph and Mary that culminated in Christ's birth, the history of the "opposing forces" and that relatively tiny area of the world that holds our attention is so incredibly interesting...awesome, actually.

But, the starting point is the complete understanding that this world did not come about by some illogical cosmic accident. Nothing comes from nothing...a proven fact. People, planes, condos, and rockets didn't come from a vacuum. Therefore, the reader has to come to grips with the two choices: Something impossible or something that can be "hard to believe". To me, there is only one logical choice...the latter. But, once you believe it, then you will see it.




My 2002 Christmas Card to The Friends of Dogtor J.

Dear Friends,
I was just writing to a close friend of mine and something came up that I decided would best express my feelings about that special day that we call Christmas. Many celebrate this day and go about it in different ways, with a variety of thoughts, motivations, and emotions. As adults, most Christians take at least a few moments, hopefully many more, to hold onto the real "reason for the season". About mid-December, I just want to sometimes shout that the Grinch didn't steal Christmas... Santa did. (There is a pretty cool analogy in there somewhere, but that is not exactly what this letter is about. But, it is a clue.)
To me, the real reason for the season can be found in a conversation I had with my son last year. We were talking about God's perfect plan for the Creation and this analogy came to me.  I explained "the plan" to Zack like this. I asked him, "If  you knew that a thief was going to steal your bicycle, could you do something to prevent it??  He replied, "Of course, Dad."  But I said back, "Now wait a minute, you're not really understanding what I am saying here. If you KNEW that a thief was going to steal your bicycle, could you do something to prevent it??" He still said, "I think so. What are you getting at?"  I went on to explain, "Now, Zack. If you KNEW someone was going to steal it, they would have to actually steal it from you for you to have really KNOWN they were going to do it. Otherwise, you didn't really KNOW that they were going to steal it, right?" He finally got it and said, "Oooooh. Yeah. I see now. I couldn't stop it because that would keep it from actually happening." I said, "Right. So, you couldn't keep it from happening, but...BUT,  if you knew he was going to steal it, you could devise a plan to catch the guy, right? You could call the police and have them waiting for the thief at the entrance to our subdivision and your bike could be returned, right, ?" He finally saw what I was getting at.
That, in a nutshell, is God's plan. He KNEW in His infinite wisdom that satan (lower case purely intentional) would rebel and take a third of the angels with him. He KNEW  that. BUT, He had already devised the Perfect Plan to catch the guys. Of course, CHRIST is crucial (Hmmm...there's a word for you) to that plan. Man could not win this battle alone and "survive". Christ came to conquer satan ... death... sin. He had  to in order to fulfill the Perfect Plan. By His doing so, he took away satan's power over us and freed us from his grasp. Now as a result, satan's "power" is actually nothing more than a deception, an illusion that he uses masterfully to manipulate the masses.  But it IS an illusion. Jesus is the real power, the actual authority, and those who call on Him will be made to clearly see this while also securing their eternal future.
This is another reason why the angel who appeared to the shepherds exclaimed "Fear not!!!" That angel not only spoke a comforting message to the quaking shepherds, but boldly proclaimed a motto that all Christians should hold on to tightly.  We will "Fear Not", for the real power is in our Lord, Jesus the Christ, and the enemy no longer has any real power over us.
Therefore you see, by Him being born into this world and defeating "death" on the cross, we get our bike back. THE Authority has returned it to us. What a great Christmas present.  We always enjoyed getting a bicycle for Christmas, didn't we?
So, have a great and meaningful "Happy Birthday" celebration and enjoy your bike. Jesus IS the reason for the season.
Dogtor J. (Read:  The Answer-  to "Why is the plane of our nation's health in a death spiral?")

The Good News
Here is my Christmas card message retold by one of my favorite devotional authors, Neil Anderson from

Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world,
and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because
all sinned
(Romans 5:12).

Unfortunately, the idyllic setting in the Garden of Eden was
shattered. Genesis 3 tells the sad story of Adam and Eve's lost
relationship with God through sin. The effects of man's fall were
dramatic, immediate and far-reaching, infecting every subsequent
member of the human race.

What happened to Adam and Eve spiritually because of the Fall?
They died. Their union with God was severed and they were
separated from God. God had specifically said: "You must not eat
from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat
of it you will surely die" (Genesis 2:17 NIV). They ate and they

Did they die physically? No. The process of physical death was
set in motion, but they were alive physically for several hundred
more years. They died spiritually; their souls were separated
from God. They were banished from God's presence. They were cast
out of the Garden of Eden and guarding the entrance were cherubim
waving a flaming sword (Genesis 3:23, 24).

After Adam, everyone who comes into the world is born physically
alive but spiritually dead, separated from God. Paul wrote, "As
for you, you were dead in your transgressions and sins, in which
you used to live" (Ephesians 2:1 NIV).

How did Jesus remedy this problem? In two dramatic, life-changing
ways. First, He died on the cross to cure the disease that caused
us to die: sin. Romans 6:23 begins, "The wages of sin is death."
Then He rose from the dead to give us spiritual life. The verse
continues, "But the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ
Jesus our Lord." Jesus Himself said, "I came that they might have
life" (John 10:10).

The bad news is that , as a child of Adam, you inherited
spiritual death. But the eternally good news is that, as a child
of God through faith in Christ, you will live forever because of
the life He has provided for you.

Thank You, heavenly Father, for sending Jesus to die on the cross
for my sins and then raising Him from the dead so I may have
(This is a reprint from a free, daily devotional that can be ordered from Crosswalk by going to  and signing up.)
May God bless you with an abundance of wisdom and good health.


Man's Best Friend

I told my mother something recently that made her chuckle...and blush from the sense of humility that so characterized her gentle nature. I said, "Do you know what I realized a long time ago about you Mom? It relates to my God-given profession. You exemplify all of the qualities of a dog ("chuckle, chuckle"), which is no small task, mind you. ("Giggle". Smile) You are faithful, you are true, you are every man's best friend. Many have said that we called our canine companion "dog" because it is "God" spelled backwards and that they are both rare sources of unconditional love. Well, you too are one of those rare sources. So you're either God or a dog, which is it? Haha. ("Giggle, giggle"). I know the true answer to that, of course. He has made you so completely into His image that you possess all of His qualities, the greatest of which is the ability to love...unconditionally. I don't have that quality ingrained in me yet. I want it so much. You have been a living example... a measure my progress by. I will always remember you for that.

I hope that you have not been offended in any way by this little analogy, Mom, because it was really meant to be a compliment, of course. Some people would think it totally insulting for a human be compared to a dog. But actually, I have come to understand over the years of caring for pets, which know no strangers, that the insult would actually be to the dog. You know what I mean?" ("Oh my! Uh huh. Hahaha.")

She was always there when I left and always there when I came home. It was certain to be a heart-warming, totally genuine expression of gladness to see me that greeted me at the door upon my return. I rarely saw anything but a look of happiness, contentment, or zest for life in her eyes.

She protected me from harm...from things much more threatening than the mailman or UPS guy. I know that it was her desire to be with me, even when I wanted to be alone. She would have gladly slept at the foot of my bed when I was sick or troubled. Mom was loyal, faithful, eager to please, and incapable of telling anything but the Truth. "Boy, that does sound familiar, doesn't it 'Logan'? (My canine best friend) You must know something that we dont."  Hmmm....

Oh, if I had only fully appreciated the value of her being there throughout my life. But, these are things we learn as we become that mature and selfless...whenever that will be. But I have realized one thing recently. Although I will never have another mother and I will not always have my loving and caring human father and even though I will always have my Heavenly Father, I will probably always have a dog...that visual, palpable, omnipresent example of unconditional love adorned with qualities of wonder, peace, protectiveness, and understanding...and my mom.

The world has just lost one of man's best friends, but only that visual, huggable form that was the "tabernacle of her soul", as she referred to it. Her spirit is recognizable everywhere there is happiness, love, and faithfulness. I for one will see it in some way, shape or form every thirty minutes, at least 5 days a week, in those wagging tails and sparkling eyes of my patients.

Thanks, Mom. Thanks for teaching all of us that people can do that, too.    


The Leviticus Diet
One of the most interesting aspects of the Bible is how timeless it is. It truly is the Living Bible and it's messages are just as applicable now as they were at the time of their writing, even more so in most cases. One simple illustration in that of the food laws handed down to Moses by God. These are found in the 11th Chapter of Leviticus and also in Deuteronomy.
I plan to go into more detail on this in the near future, but I will leave you with this Email I sent to someone who was struggling with vegetarianism. Christians understand that this type of life-style is not only countered by the actual words of the Bible, as in Leviticus, but even spoken about prophetically as a sign of the end of the age. I will not get into that now, but I will say that the proof is in the health of many of those I know that have chosen this course. Their consumption of soy as a protein source is killing them in many cases, although most of those that I know fall inot this category are too proud to admit it. I see it in their eyes and in their medical history. Iron deficient anemia, pain, gastrointestinal distress: It's all there. Soy is a killer folks.
But, enough philosophy for now. This Email is the "cool" part. Check out the other reason for the food rules of Leviticus in this Email.

Dear Nancy,

I understand many of the ideas and philosophies of being a vegetarian. I agree with many and disagree with a few too. When my wife and I got married, she was trying hard to be a vegetarian. I joined in her in that quest for three years based on what I saw and knew of how we raised our factory-farmed beef, pigs, and chickens. The conditions were deplorable and I hated it. Even though my belief system tells me it's proper to eat certain animals, I abstained from that practice for a while as a protest to how we treat the animals.

Aside from the scriptural and prophetic implications of vegetarianism, one of the problems with this philosophical choice is that it is much harder to maintain as a healthy lifestyle because of the limited choices for protein. Once you toss OUT the soy... WHICH YOU MUST!!!...and the dairy (cow milk)...WHICH YOU MUST!!!"...the choices of quality and quantity of protein are very limited. I won't get up on that soap box, but MAN, what a horrible payoff for an outwardly "noble" goal.

I now eat according to Leviticus, as well. Chapter 11, whether you are into the Bible or not, is an amazing list of what to eat and what not to. These were actually health food rules as well as "common sense", morally-driven rules. In the marine world, if it doesn't have fins AND scales, you don't eat it. That rules out all of the filters and scavengers, which are also filters by nature. No oysters, no octopus, no squid (Man, I used to love fried calamari), no scum-sucking catfish (haha), no shrimp or crabs (oh oh), and no large mercury-harvesting game fish. Health food rules. Of the mammals, they have to divide the hoof AND chew their cud. That means eating cows, sheep, goats, buffalo, etc....all of the grazing animals. It also means no PORK (don't chew their cud but do divide the hoof)...the scavenger with Trichinosis (they now think Mozart died of this) and God knows what else in him. The Book of Leviticus (and Deuteronomy) also says "nothing that goes on paws shall you eat" dogs, cats, big cats, bears, etc...which should be a no-brainer to people like you and I. BUT ,look at the rest of the world. Makes me ill to think about it, actually.

This Book even lists some edible bugs ("Ooooh Yuck". But hey, in the desert?????) and the inedible ones, too. The description is precise.

It is actually a cool read and even those not religiously inclined will see the "logic" in it. Of course back then, they did it for religious reasons because there was no such thing as a microbiologist or parasitologist. But those who obeyed "the law" were rewarded with good health, while those who disobeyed got sick. Ever hear of Vibrio coli from oysters. Hmmm... Some things ARE timeless, aren't they?

Food for thought, eh? Hmmmm....  Keep in touch.

Dogtor J.



If you have gotten this far on the site, I would really like to hear from you. Would you please send me an Email at  and let me know that you have reached this point? If you are reading this, you are either someone that is a believer in God, someone seeking Truth,  or someone that has very little to do. (Smile). You have patiently waded through a lot of medical jargon, verbose writing, and philosophizing to get to this point. You deserve a purple heart. (Ahhh. There's an interesting concept...and color.)

I have left something very important for the last, hidden from the eyes of those that cruise the Internet looking for quick answers. As I've said from the start, I don't believe in "fast food" medicine any more than I recommend that approach to religion or politics. The important things require our time and attention and should grab our interest, our focus.

But, how can someone be led to become interested in something that they either have no interest in or appear to be unequipped to deal with. Christ did it best and He did it through parables....illustrations that helped the common man to grasp an important, deeper concept through the use of every day language and familiar ideas. (My favorite is the one found in Matthew 13 concerning the wheat and tares and the Kingdom of Heaven. Wow! How powerful and important is that?)

I spend a lot of time on medical forums, mostly human forums that deal with epilepsy, MS, fibromyalgia, celiac disease, and the things I write about on this site. I learn as much as I contribute in many instances but on occasion, I throw out some things to see who's listening. It's sort of the old "run it up the flagpole and see who salutes" type of thing. Some of them are "parable-ic" in nature.

The following is such an exchange on one of my favorite forums. We were discussing MS and the "new" idea that perhaps MS may not be an "autoimmune" disease after all. Those of you who have read much of this site know how I feel about that term "autoimmune". I cast it out as a misnomer, boldly stating that our body (including our immune systems) does not make the kind of mistakes that this term and it proponents suggest. I do not believe that our immune system ever attacks our own tissue for no reason, not even a "fouled up immune system generated by faulty genes." No, I submit that it always....always...knows exactly what it is doing and if it is attacking a tissue (e.g. the liver, nervous system, kidneys, or blood cells) then it is going after something it does not like in that tissue (e.g. viruses, bacteria, mycoplasms, chemicals/toxins, or cells that have become faulty from genetic damage from the action of these things, especially viruses.)

Yes, I contend that the body (including the immune system) never makes mistakes, only we do. As I write below, most times that is unintentional (through ignorance) and other times it is "intentional"...we do know better sometimes. How many smokers still think it is Ok to continue this practice? Of course, we are dealing with addictions in many of these cases (smoking, drinking, drugs) and food addiction is a very real thing as well. So, it is not as simple as just changing your mind in some cases. In the tough cases, we have to get over very real addictions.

The fact that food can be physically addictive helps me to make my case against the "evil" side of our dietary woes. Yes, we sometimes have a psychological craving for something and even a strong desire to have something healthy to eat, like asparagus or broccoli. But, most of our real cravings are for the same guys...foods with wheat, dairy products, and sugar. You know the usual suspects" cookies, ice cream, pizza, doughnuts, cheese, waffles, macaroni and cheese, cakes, candy, chocolate, etc. These are what we really crave, not a piece of fruit or a vegetable.

Then, all we have to do is to see the universal axiom that anything that is physically addicting is bad for us. Once we understand the casomorphins and gliadomorphins from dairy and gluten grains (wheat, barley, rye) respectively, we see the root of the addiction. The foods in the list above are often called "comfort" foods. Uh huh. So is a fix to a drug addict. This is when we see these food issues go from a problem...a simple health an "evil" threat to our very existence. Once we are addicted to these foods, we on a very slippery slope that leads all of the way to the bottom. With 70% of the standard American diet (the SAD) being dairy and wheat alone, we can easily see why we are in the current health crisis, especially when you throw in the hydrogenated oils, aspartame, MSG, and other chemicals and preservatives.

But as much as we can explain these things from a medical standpoint, we have to wonder how in the world we find ourselves in this explainable dilemma in the year 2004, when we have put men on the moon and landers on Mars. Aren't we more advanced than this? Shouldn't we have a better grasp of the role of nutrition in our health? Can you believe that doctors know and talk as little about nutrition as they do? How can that be, when food is the fuel of our body and one of the most logical places to look for answers as to why our body is not performing optimally (and are we performing waaaaaaay less than optimally)?

We have to go to what I call "level two" for those answers. Level two is the spiritual parallel to our physical lives. Yes, there is something to the mind, body, and spirit concept, isn't there? If you are reading this, you are probably way ahead of me. So, without further ado, I will let you read a series of posts I made on a popular medical forum. This particular part of the forum was dealing with the MS and the thread was concerning whether or not MS was an "autoimmune" disease. Now, you know how I feel about that term and what it implies. That is one of the things that got me started on this forum. BUT, when the forum members started bashing the pharmaceutical industry and voicing their opinions about how they had been "misled" for years about the origins of their condition, the door opened up for "me" to pass through. And man did I pass through that door (smile).

Here is the link if you want to see it "in person" and read their responses that pushed me along. ( ). For those who want to "cut to the chase", here are my posts. Yes, I like to speak in "parables" sometimes just as our Lord did. He did this to give Truths to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. He often had to explain the deeper meanings of His parables to His disciples in those early days. But when talking to the masses, I'm sure the majority did not understand the "level two" (much less the "level three") in His lessons. The path IS narrow. But, for those who want to know the Truth, it is available. His instructions were "simple": "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of these things will be added unto you." ( Matt. 6:33) And, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever." (Psalms 111:10). We must look at things from His perspective to see the Truth. And once we do, He shows us some really cool stuff to "keep us in the game".

Let me know what you think. Email me at . I would love to hear from you when you get this far on the site. You will be an elite group and you will all be "related" (smile).

Dogtor J.


Post Number one:
Man, what a perfect time to share an "OPINION" of mine.

Opinion (from Webster's):

Main Entrypin*ion

1 : a belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive knowledge
3 : a formal statement by an expert after careful study

I include the Webster's definition because I use the term "opinion" specifically and intentionally here and feel that all three definitions are applicable (except that I am NOT an expert on MS and do not claim to be. I am , however, a medical professional with extracurricular training and 25 years of clinical veterinary medicine experience, a person with a keen interest in human medicine, and one who has done "careful study" of a long list of conditions in an attempt to find the Truth about why we are "plagued" by these things.

That being said, here is the "opinion" I have...the formal statement after careful study and the belief that is MUCH stronger than impression and as closely approaching positive knoweldge that I feel we can get:

"OUR BODY (including our immune system) NEVER MAKES A MISTAKE....EVER. ONLY WE MAKE MISTAKES."

I was led to see this 4 years ago, BELIEVED it, and have since been approaching medicine from this viewpoint and can now SEE the Truth in it. Answers start coming once you adopt this perspective. But, as long as we think that we are a genetically-flawed organism doomed to failure without human intervention and massive amounts of drugs, we will never see this Truth. Once you see that vomiting, diarrhea, fevers, pain, and even seizures and MS attacks have a PURPOSE, then you can start asking the right questions. The main one is "WHY is my body doing this." The answer is either that it is a warning sign of something you have done wrong OR it is a therapeutic measure on the part of your body. You may not like what it has done, but there IS a reason behind it. Most of our symptoms are easy to understand, but some are more complex. (But how hard is it to understand that a fever is meant to kill a virus. So, when did we get smarter than our body and decide that fevers were bad and start downing the fever-reducers to keep it from doing its job? Hmmm... With chronic latent viruses becoming the hot topic, perhaps that wasn't such a wise thing to do, eh? Duuuuh.)

Yes, "genes" play a role but that role is still very hard to put a finger on. The genetics of things just never seem to answer the main questions about the big conditions. One reason is because (another opinion) external forces are MUCH more important, including diet, air pollution, chemical/toxin exposure, prenatal malnutrition (including celiac disease) or chemical exposure, viral infections, etc. etc. The other important aspect of "genes" is the HUGE question of whether it is the genes themselves or something IN THOSE GENES...something that has invaded those genes...that is doing the harm. Do genes really kill people. Does that make sense that our genes would kill us??? OR, is it possible that there is a "time bomb" in those genes...something that is waiting for us to do enough wrong to our bodies (and immune systems) or environment...either intentionally or unintentionally...that will UNLEASH the terrorists waiting in our genome. Is there a "guy" like that...something that has that M.O.??? Yep. He's called a VIRUS.

That's what viruses do, right? They incorporate their genetic material into our DNA and foul up the works, causing disease states and even CANCER. (Yes, there are prominent scientists that have said for years that ALL cancer is likely to be caused by viruses, with all other "carcinogens" being secondary factors, either damaging the tissue, or damaging the DNA, or damaging the immune system...unleashing the waiting viruses. This is not science fiction. This is what happens in many KNOWN conditions.

Could this be the "motherlode"....the answer to the big mystery of medicine??? Could it be as simple as "You reap what you sow"?

Certainly, there are other "organisms" that cause disease...bacteria, mycoplasma, fungi, and now prions. my opinion...they are ALL opportunists. They all wait until they have a good chance to throw their party. This is so clear in veterinary medicine, especially when it comes to bacterial infections. The VAST majority of these infections are secondary to allergies/immune-mediated condtions with the rest being due to immune supression...some transient, some more permanent. Many times, if we treat the underlying cause (e.g. allergies), we don't even have to treat the secondary bacterial infection...the bacteria can't live in healthy tissue with a normal immune response. This makes sense as bacteria are ubiquitous in our body and our environment, only to be surpassed by the ubiquitous nature of VIRUSES. Man, those suckers are everywhere (a tsp of sea water has over a BILLION viruses in it. Wow! But, if you're immune suppressed, you might want to think twice about eating an oyster, eh?)

No where is this "opportunist" principle better illustrated than in people with celiac disease. We are an accident waiting to happen. And, the time spectrum of when we crash is very wide, ranging from shortly after birth (or even before birth) to old age. The pathogenisis of our condition should be understood by ALL of you...all of those searching for real answers. The cascade of events that takes place following the gut damage and the subsequent demise of our immune systems is sooooo easy to see. Then, when you look at the numbers involved and the other foods that do the same thing (cowmilk products...with casein... and soy), suddenly the big picture pops up and comes into focus.

In my opinion, it is a matter of WHEN these foods (the gluten grains, cowmilk, and soy... and now corn) catch up with us, not IF. AND, there are many things that help determine when that crisis will come in our lives. It is THESE FACTORS (food additives like hydrogenated oils and aspartame, chemical exposure, modified live vaccines, air pollution, overall diet, exercise, and many more) that we must focus on...not our "genes" find the real answers that we are all looking my opinion.

I guess I'll let you digest that for a minute. But, we haven't really talked about the folly of immunosupressive drugs yet. (Man, I'd like to know what's killing those oligodendrocytes. I wonder if Herpes or some common paramyxoviruses ever attack the brain and peripheral nerves. )

Dogtor J.

"For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away." 1 Corinthians 13: 9,10

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. - Mark Twain (1835-1910) 
The Answer- to "Why is the Plane of Our Nation's Health in a Death Spiral?")


Post Number Two:


About now, some of you might be wondering what in the world a veterinarian is doing on this forum. Some of you already know. The rest of you are either going to fully understand, be even more confused, or flat out not care any more after this post. It could well be my last. But, just as you set me up for the "OPINION" post and the last post about viruses and your oligodendrocytes, you have opened a huge door with your comments about the pharmakeical...uh, uh...pharmaceutical industry. This will tie many things together, I hope.

Here goes!

What is the root word of the word pharmacy? "Pharmakeia", which is Greek for............................magic. I got suspicious of this after watching David Copperfield explain some of his illusions. What does the magician/illusionist say again?...."Now you see it, now you don't."

Well. What does the pharmaceutical company say?..."Now you FEEL it, now you DON'T." Right? "You have pain?...we have a pill for that. You have a fever....we have a pill for that. You have heartburn?...not anymore. You have a headache?....gone. You have IBS with constipation...we have a new pill for that. You have acid reflux disease (it's a disease now, don't you know??)...we have a great new pill for that." You get the picture. "Now you FEEL it, now you don't."

Are these people "evil"? Not in most cases. Most of them are simply DECEIVED! Like the doctors and vets coming out of school EVERY YEAR (just like I did), they have been trained to deal with disease in this fashion. We have all been "programmed" the same way....deceived into thinking that our body is a messed up bunch of genes and that drugs are critical to straighten it all out. We enter medical school full of wonder and excitement and come out a bunch of clones trying to remember which drug goes with what condition and what the dosage is. This is the cold, hard fact.

And yes...the drug companies are simply filling a need. It IS a business and many of the employees are sincerely trying to help. They are not "evil". But like my pastor in California says (Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life) "Just because someone is sincere doesn't make them right. They can be sincerely WRONG."

This includes ALL of us in some area of our lives (thus the Scripture verse below my signature). BUT, some are deceived about bigger and more vital issues than others. Both medical professions have taken the wrong path when it comes how they view the body, why it does what it does, and the importance of symptoms. Again, my favorite illustration is the simplest but potentially the most devastating in light of this thread. That is the indiscriminate use of FEVER-REDUCERS for fevers caused by VIRUSES. What is that fever there for again??? So why kill it? Have we grasped the critical importance of chronic latent viruses in our body yet..those opportunists waiting for their chance to strike? Killing our fever is like calling off the air campaign in an area like Afghanistan. "Oh, forget the bombs...let's just take 'em on the ground." Yeah, right. I've got bad news folks. Our immune systems NEED the fevers to help kill these guys cause they are not as healthy as they once were..

So, it is like magic, isn't it? Got a fever? Hey, take this fever-reducer and get back to work. That white tiger you just saw in the cage...gone, vanished. But is he? Of course not. He went down some hole and is waiting backstage and may even maul the magician if things get out of hand.

But pharmakeia doesn't just mean "magic" in the fun sense. The Old Testament usage is something different..............sorcery/witchcraft. Oh, oh. Is that really applicable here? Well, I'll let you decide.

Taking an NSAID for a headache or a old football injury is one thing, isn't it? Its OUR fault if we go out and hit too many golf balls after making our pain go away (our warning sign) and really pay for that mistake the next day. BUT, what about drugs that take away your incentive for finding the TRUE cause of your illness. There is something a little "evil" about that, isn't there? Drugs that artificially lower blood sugar or cholesterol could fall into that category, couldn't they? Even those begign little antacid companies rub it into our face..."Take our pill and go eat whatever you want", as if the heartburn wasn't designed to tell us something. (errrrh).

Whodathunk that the number one and number two food allergens (dairy and wheat, respectively) would be the number one and two causes of heartburn. Didn't the fact that these systemic antacids were antihistamines give us a clue? But who knew that people on this forum are seeing that these same guys cause MS flares? We now know that celiac disease happens in at least 1:122 people in this country. But, DAIRY is the number one allergen. I wonder how many have true casein intolerance? Oh oh. But hey, there's a pill for that isn't there??? Well, there is for lactose intolerance. That's close enough, isnt it? Yeah right. (errrrrrrrrh)

Pharmakeia. Hmmm... And this is just the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg. Oh man...look at the time.


Post Number Three:

The Rx Symbol


But, about that Rx symbol:

Do you guys know where that came from?

(Now, Willysnout....even a simple-minded someone from the Midwest can understand this stuff. But hey, look at it this way: Jesus had to explain alot of His parables to His disciples for them to get the full impact of what He was trying to get across to them. But, He didn't explain them to everyone...only to those had eyes to see. Now, I am NOT equating myself to Him...make no mistake about that... but there are some similarities here. I hope some of you see what I'm getting at.)

The Rx symbol was derived from the left eye of Horus, that very important Egyptian least to the Egyptians. As the story goes, Horus was in battle and had his left eye plucked out. It was replaced with a special eye by Ra....a MAGIC eye (there's that word again. Hmmm) that equipped him special powers.

Now, we are told that we should know our right from our left. In ophthalmology, the right eye is known as oculis dexter. The left eye is known as oculis synestre. (Ahhhh...maybe that's why those nuns in parochial schools are portrayed as whacking those kids that try to write left- handed.) Is there something "evil" about the left? Is there ANY real basis for this kind of thinking? It goes back a looooong way is all I can say. (Of course, my daughter is left-handed and I think NOTHING of it.) The crazy thing is what you get if you put "left-hand path" in your search engine. Oh oh. (Please don't linger there if you decide to check the reference.). For contrast, put "right hand path" in there. Which side do the sheep go to versus the goats. Interesting, huh? A little bit?

But, that Rx symbol still bothers me a bit. What does it "mean" is it translated? It means "Take thou". When we write prescriptions, we write "Rx: 1 tab BID" or something like that. Is that a request or an order? Its an order, right?... coming from a trusted doctor. And, most of them are to be trusted... to do what they were taught to do. And therein lies one of the potential problems that we were just talking about. We get treated according to what they were taught, with the best knowledge currently available.

BUT, how did we get the estrogen thing sooooo wrong? How have we gotten the MS wrong ("if" we have) all of these years? When DID we decide to start killing that fever caused by an infectious organism when we SHOULD have known that the fever is helping to kill that virus or bacteria? Where did the doctors go that used to tell their asthmatic clients that if they went off all dairy products that their asthma would get better...and it did. (Why do they still say "clear fluids" when you have an upper respiratory infection. Uhhhh, "clear fluids" means one thing... no milk. Well, duh. Do dairy products innately cause mucus to form or are they inflammatory to the nasal passages/respiratory tract? Is this making sense? Well then, what about not taking certain drugs with milk? Why is that? Yep, the milk BLOCKS the absorption of the drug. I wonder what else milk blocks the absorption of? Hey, I wonder if that's why the countries that drink the most milk have the worst osteoporosis and are the most iron deficient? Time to review celiac disease again.)

But, here's an even better question? When (about what year) did they adopt the current caduceus as the medical symbol (there have been three)? You might want to look that one up. "What? What in the world would that have to do with anything???" you might ask. Well, here's a hint: The newest one is............ the "magic" wand of Hermes. Whadyaknow? There's that word again. (and wait 'til you are reminded of who Hermes/Mercury was in mythology. Some wise med student saw it.

Pharmakeia, Rx symbol, present-day caduceus. Tell me I'm not the only one seeing some sort of pattern here? Now you see it, (or) now you don't.



Post Number Four:



I've been meaning to tell you that I love your avatar picture. Doxies are one of my all-time fav's.

Oh, and I'm sorry about those tubular, yellow snack cakes being off limits. You know the ones...made of wheat, dairy, sugar and stuffed with hydrogenated oils. Remember when the truth about hydrogenated oils came out a number of years ago and all of the comedians got on the bandwagon, making jokes about them being so resistant to bugs and decay that we could put them in a time capsule and bury it for thousands of years so that the guys who dug it up would have something to eat? I still laugh at that but for some reason I get a pain in the pit of my stomach as I do. It might have something to do with this article. (

I was behind the truck of a very popular brand of cookie the other day and had a violent reaction that only I and a few of you reading the past few posts would possibly understand. On the back of the truck was a picture of the chocolate sandwich cookie (one of my old fav's) with the top coming off and stars flying out from the white center of the cookie. You know, "twinkly" little stars. The slogan under the the picture was "Unlock the MAGIC!"

Now how many people that you know would get really angry at seeing that? First of all, what is the white stuff that the stars are coming from? Here's a clue. The other similar cookie at the grocery store next to these, made by a rival company, is called what....Hydrox. Hmmm... Where did they get that name from? (errrrh).

Right here, I would encourage ALL of you to go read that article above. It is CRITICAL to your health ("in my opinion").

For those of you into "parables", who are the "stars" in Scripture (other than the physical stars that you see in the night time sky)? Roughly what percent are good and what percent are bad? Which ones are tied to magic? So, why is it appropriate to have stars flying out of a cookie with white stuff in the middle and "magic" be in the slogan? Its not as much of a stretch as you would think at it? ("Man, you think waaaay too much!" )

But......"Twinkie". I wonder where they got that name? The closest thing I found in Webster's was "twinkle".


Main Entry:1twin*kle
Inflected Form:twin*kled ; twin*kling

1 : to shine or cause to shine with a flickering or sparkling light
2 : to appear bright with merriment
3 : to flutter or flit rapidly
–twin*kler noun

Whadyasay we pull one apart and see if stars fly out of the white stuff.




Post Number Five
Let's Be Clear
I'm not railing at YOU personally for doing bad things to yourself. And I am NOT saying that any of you "deserve" what has happened to you (unless you understand ALL things...which no man does... and still do the wrong thing, against all of your better judgment). AND, I am NOT saying that you should stop taking your medications. I believe that some drugs are very important but that most symptomatic drugs (including immunosuppressive dugs) are meant to be Band-Aids to buy us time in order to find the real cause of our illnesses.

I am simply stating that MEN...the all-inclusive "we"... have made some catastrophic mistakes in the past and we continue to do so. (Now, there's a surprise, eh? ). It is our collective bad choices that has put us in the state we are in, NOT an innately malfunctioning body. I believe we are made muuuuuch better than that.

I certainly contend that the term "autoimmune" is a total misnomer, as it implies that our body attacks itself for no good reason. That is how many people think and unfortunately, that is how many a good doctor thinks, just as I did for 20 years...thanks to my medical training. We were left with the impression that it was all "genetic" and that there was little we could do about it other than support this flawed being.

And where the "deception" goes from being a simple mistake to a serious error. Just as the drugs we take often reverse the symptoms so we can forget about the real cause, the idea that our conditions are purely genetic takes away all incentive to look for the REAL cause. These are the kind of lines that, when we cross them, we have entered a whole new realm...a very bad realm.

I believe that is why certain truths are coming out right now, just as they have during our history. The early 1980's was a similar time. There is a balance that must be maintained and when we get ready to do something really devastating to our health, "out of the blue" comes some amazing truth that keeps us from self-destructing. (Like I've stated...and its not a idle statement: Where I have been in my research over the past 4 years would amaze you, I think. Everywhere from Alzheimer's to zebras, from astronomy/astrology to zinc deficiencies, from Abraham to Zechariah.) Man's history makes sense. There is even a reason why Lepus is under the left foot of Orion.

A better example is that it now makes sense that when man created common wheat in about 400AD, he introduced gluten into the diet and the plague came out of hiding after 2000 years. He didn't like the dry, crumbly bread and wanted something else.(Sound familiar to any of you. He didn't like "manna" anymore, he wanted "quail".) Then came the shift from goats to cows as the source of milk. Goat milk was (and still is) the "universal foster milk" but we chose cows for milk and introduced the world to casein. (Goat milk has very little to no casein.) This happened about 1000 years after the wheat was created and, son of a gun, out pops the plague again, wiping out 100,000 people in London and spreading like wildfire. Now, 500 years later, we are bringing in the "third plague"....SOY (errrrrh). It is the third food to damage the villi the way gluten and casein do.

Here's the thing. Gluten was bad enough. But casein is a stronger "glue" and therefore cow milk is a more common allergen than wheat. BUT, soy is the strongest glue of all. (It is already the number 4 food allergen and we haven't even started eating much of it...yet). Do you see the pattern? The time interval is getting shorter between the three and the power of the "glue" is getting stronger. Add to that one of man's worst inventions of all time...hydrogenated oils...and food additives like MSG and aspartame, all done in this century, and you have a very, very serious accident that is not waiting to is HAPPENING.

And THAT is why I believe we are in this phenomenal time of increased awareness about dietary issues. Diet is no longer just a 4 letter word. We are FINALLY getting serious about the most critical aspect of our health...what we eat to keep this body functioning. (Can I get a big "duuuuh"?) 70% of our diet is dairy while 90% of prepared foods contain hydrogenated oils. And we want to add SOY to that mix???

Ecclesiates says "The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.". Man has repeated his mistakes throughout history while he has been miraculously spared of totally doing himself in. That is because we are important and there is good in us. How it got there is a whole 'nother sermon.

But we all make major mistakes...all of us. Many of these are based on misinformation. Others are just bad choices. Some are based on addictions, both mental and physical, and others are based on beliefs, both scientific and spiritual. The latter two do NOT have to clash like they so often do. They can (and should in my opinion) work perfectly hand in hand. But they do butt heads all of the time don't they? Why is that?

Because, and this is the crux of the matter (interesting word), man has two choices: what he wants versus what needs. (and in my beliefs, God knows what we need and if we search for Him, we will find the Truth we are looking for. The Scripture says "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all of these things will be added unto you." That just about covers it. ) I personally believe this to be the right path.

And, I believe this leads to a much better understanding of our body. If we believe that we evolved from amoebas and somewhere along the line we became a genetic nightmare, then there is little hope for us without man's intervention... and more and more drugs...and dissecting our genome. But, if we believe that we were created perfectly...and amazing piece of work...that we have somehow messed it up along the way, then we can "repent" (which simply means to change our mind and thereby change our ways) and get back to doing things the way we should have been all along.

This is EXACTLY what is happening right now. We are in an amazing time in man's history nutritionally speaking. We are FINALLY addressing this most critical issues of diet , and the understanding of celiac disease and casein/soy intolerance are VITAL to that process. We have just gone from being deceived that these are rare conditions to seeing that these foods are UNIVERSAL in their ill effects with a HUGE segment of the people being seriously harmed by them. Wow! Once again, add to that the fact that we are FINALLY seeing the horrific effects of trans fats and other food additives on our health and you can see that we ARE in an amazing age of information. Plus, the true role of the virus is finally coming to the forefront. (Have you seen what these guys look like? Man, they are out of this world.)

Why now??? We are on a, if not the, precipice. Our diets MUST change and the drugs we are inventing now have crossed a very dangerous line. Did YOU GUYS do that? NO. Are you responsible for our diets being so out of whack? No, not really. The collective "we" have done has done this. Why?

"....and there is no new thing under the sun."

Post Number Six:
Medicine and Religion
First of all, thanks for your responses. I don't do this kind of thing on forums very often...mix medicine and religion...but when I have, the responses have been quite "colorful". Thank you for being as kind as you have been.

Actually, I was going leave the forum after delivering this last post, not even returning to see what the responses were, but that could have been interpreted as a "cowardly" act, couldn't it? When it comes to this message, I am confident of its importance, so there is no room for cowardice. And yes, it does come across strong and "preachy" at times, but that is the point of it...its time to look for some answers in places other than just in the medical books. What has a medical book really done for you recently? Are we hearing about many cures? It seems like when we do hear about some amazing success story, it is always from someone that has done something in an alternative we blow it off as a fluke.

The fact is that religion and medicine have been tied together for millennia. Even in the earliest (and most "primitive") of religions, the spirtual leader was also the healer...the "medicine man", wasn't he? Of course, in my religion, Christ was the greatest healer of all time, not only restoring vision to the blind and healing lepers but bringing back people from the dead. He didn't try to convince people He was the son of God by pulling rabbits out of hats, levitating, making things disappear, or shooting fire out his findger-tips. He HEALED people. Pretty amazing...and often How many leaders of other religions even claimed to be the son of God? Hmmm... Most simply claimed to be prophets or messengers, didn't they? And some of them were. Buddha never claimed to be God... only his followers put him on that pedestal.

I don't mean to offend anyone with my testimony. I don't even consider what I do "proselyting". I can't convert someone to my religion. That is between the individual and God. I CAN, however, share my beliefs and you can chose to believe them or discard them but I am not responsible for your "conversion". But the fact is, according to the Bible, my sharing of my beliefs is NOT an option. I am commissioned to do so. Those who call themselves Christians (most of whom ARE Christians, most likely) and don't share their faith are not doing what God has told them to do and they will have to deal with that at some point. That's not an opinion, that is a fact spelled out in our Scripture.( And here's something to consider: Mark 8:38 " Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.") But Christians are people too and we make major mistakes and can be intimidated into silence just like anyone else. The evidence of that is everywhere in this country right now. (How do YOU truly feel about the Supreme Court's decision about child pornography?)

But I don't mean to sound like a preacher all of the time. You're right...there is a time and place for that... for the most part. That's why I started down this path on this forum. The door was opened and I was compelled to walk through it. You are looking for answers. I believe that I have some...not all, by all means...that you may be looking for. I should...after all, I have been a doctor for 25 years and obsessive-compulsive medical researcher for the last 4.5 years.

Many of you are disillusioned by what is happening in mainstream medicine, just as I became about 4 years ago. I had to know how and why we got sooooo far off track. I had to know why we thought it was right to kill a fever or take estrogens when our body said it was time to lower those levels. I had to know why we would take drugs to stop our bodies normal liver function. I had to know who had the idea that to kill the immune system...under any circumstances...was the right thing to do?

At the same time, I had to understand why my clients were talking about their doctors like we joke about lawyers. Yes, in the past 5 years, doctors have fallen from the position of favor they once enjoyed, haven't they? One of the big reasons was because...and sooooo many of you have testified to this on this forum....they have stopped talking to you!!! Going to the doctor has become like a ride at Disneyworld...a two hour wait for a 5 minute ride. You come away with a medication dosage change and no new information.

Well, here's another "parable" for you, using Webster's again:


Main Entry:1doc*tor
Etymology:Middle English doctour teacher, doctor, from Middle French & Medieval Latin; Middle French, from Medieval Latin doctor, from Latin, teacher, from doc*re to teach

1 : a person holding one of the highest academic degrees (as a PhD) conferred by a university
2 : one skilled in healing arts; esp : an academically and legally qualified physician, surgeon, dentist, or veterinarian
3 : a person who restores or repairs things
–doc*tor*al \-t*-r*l\ adjective

Witch doctor

Main Entry:witch doctor

: a person in a primitive society who uses magic to treat sickness and to fight off evil spirits

Now, am I calling all doctors "witch doctors"??? ABSOLUTELY NOT. But, if the shoe fits.... Where are all of the "teachers"? Where are the guys who will spend time with you trying to explain things to you? Where are those guys that knew that dairy caused problems and that fevers needed to run their course? How many of you have voiced the opinion that many doctors are nothing more than "applied pharmacists", being overly influenced by drug salemen to use their medications. (Now, these companies are going straight to the consumer, one of the worst things to happen to medicine since it became so specialized.)

Now let me ask you: Do symbols have power or do we just give them power? Does the pentagram (the upside-down star adorned by occultists) have power by itself or do the people who wear it give it the power? Its really sort of a moot point, isn't it, because somehow it ends up with the power. The end result is the same.

So, what about that caduceus? Did you read that little article by that med student in one of my previous posts? Its pretty interesting. (Again, when did we adopt the magic wand of Hermes as the current symbol. The timing is important. I think it would help for you to look that up and see what else was going on at that time.) But, he left out the ORIGIN "caduceus" olive branch decorated with garland. Hmmm... Now why does that make sense?

I'm not trying to "convert" you. I'm just trying to help wake you up. You're having a bad dream. Of course I don't have all of the answers. AND, I certainly don't claim to be the only one who knows what I know.

Do I believe that what I have written above is the Truth? Can I be so bold? My entire life and everything I know and believe testifies to that. If that doesn't give one license to be bold, what can?

I hope you all find what you are looking for.

Post Number Seven:

Just one more please......

I am going to let you off the hook, now. I have been trying to mess your mind a bit...very intentionally...just to get you guys thinking outside the box about some of things that have crossed my mind over the past 4 years while I've done my research. Some of the things I found had no good earthly answers and I had to go to what I call "level two" to find the answers. This just happened to dovetail perfectly with my spiritual beliefs.

For example, why is MS unilateral in so many of its manifestations? Why would optic neuritis strike one eye at a time? Why does only one side of the body become affected sometimes? Why only one trigeminal nerve or facial nerve? Being bilaterally symmetrical creatures, why doesn't it always happen to both sides at the same time? The only logical answer was that it was "grace" didn't happen to both sides because it would be too devastating. There will never be a medical explanation for these unilateral phenomena.

Then I asked how we could still be in the dark ages of medicine when we had men on the moon and landers on Mars? Why did we just find out in 2003 that estrogens given to women after menopause was the single most devastating thing we have ever done to women's health? And again, why do we think that taking fever-reducers for viral infections is the right thing to do?
And WHY do you not know about hydrogenated oils (yet) when they are killing a human being every 3.5 secs via strokes and heart attacks and type 2 diabetes. (They were invented in about 1920, put on the market in the form of margarine, after which we had the VERY FIRST myocardial infarction EVER RECORDED in the 1930s and the VERY FIRST case of type 2 diabetes in about a elderly person. NOW, we have 19 year olds dropping dead of heart attacks and 5-6 year olds with type 2 diabetes. This is NOT rocket science, folks.)

How do you explain that kind of gross ignorance on our part, including my own for the first 20 years of my medical career? Now that I'm on the other side of these issues, I can't believe this is reality...without turning to "level two".

And "level two" makes all of the sense in the world...if you can get there. Most of our symptomatic medicine IS "magic" you feel it now you don't". And it IS bad magic when it covers up critically important warning signs. You don't have to be a believer to see that this is true, do you? You just have to have your eyes open.

But, you do have to know something about God to understand the deeper meaning of parables. You do have to believe to truly understand why there is an asteroid belt in our solar system where there should be a planet and why it is no surprise there used to be water on Mars. But, you really have to know Him to understand why all of the capitals of the Muslim countries in the Middle East are on (or very near) the 33rd parallel and why Sedona, Arizona is a major center of mysticism and LA is the "City of Angels" (which angels is the question. Hey, what do they call a famous actor...a star. Haha.). BUT, you have to go even farther to know why it is logical that scientists would find human footprints in the same fossil layers as dinosaurs and yet there are no dinosaurs alive today. (Genesis is a really neat Book once you study the first two chapters really closely.)

In retrospect, the medicine is the easy part...we mess up our body, immune system, and environment and we die of the opportunistic viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. How hard is that to understand? In "level two", its "you reap what you sow". (I know, I know, its not always our fault. We've covered that. "It rains on the just and the unjust". That's just a fact. But we can change things when we see the truth.)

So, this has been an "experiment". I have never done this before. Its been fun, hasn't it? Did you really not get anything out of it? Hey, you learned about all of the capitals in the Middle East. That was pretty cool, eh? (Did you check your atlas?) That's why they put LA, Phoenix, Dallas-Ft.Worth, B'ham, and Atlanta on high alert immediately after 9-11...they're all on the 33rd parallel. Whadyknow. There is practical application to all of this stuff. (For you Bible scholars, who was the prince of Tyrus and where exactly is Tyre? Its still there. Hmmm...)

NOW, its over. Yeehaw! You can go back to your cookies and milk. And although the bunny joke WAS truly funny, I'd rather be likened to a dog or even a donkey. Why? Because I do understand why Lepus is under Orion's left foot.

Going, going.......................*

Dogtor J

I hope you enjoyed your time here and got something important from your stay. It is my goal to help all of mankind navigate through the jungle of medical information now available on the Internet and find the truth about the origins of what we call "disease" as well as discover the natural solutions for these conditions.
We do have our health's destiny in our own hands more than we've ever imagined, certainly more than most have ever been told. Think naturally and the answer will come.
Dogtor J
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